10 Best Mascara's in 2019 – Top Mascara Reviews for Volume and Length

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If a lash extension work goes wrong, or your falsehoods just don't work together, there's one beauty button that will never fail you: Mascara.

ELLE.com editors don't know all mascara's are created equal; some of us are looking for extended formulas that allow you to "lash your eyebrows" and some of us just want to give our "little infirm" the life they deserve. From now on, ELLE editors will share their favorite mascara's of all time.

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For length

L & # 39; Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara, Carbon Black

L & # 39; Oreal Paris

$ 10.95

& # 39; & # 39; A friend of makeup artists recommended this extended mascara to me a few years ago, and I've been using it ever since! I like long dramatic lashes and it delivers. It stays in the gym, but was easily home, which is definitely a plus. "- Rose Minutaglio, staff writer


For volume

Kush high volume mascara

Milk makeup

$ 12.00

"I really didn't mind releasing one of the cannabis-infused beauty products at light speed, but Milk Makeup's Kush Mascara is THE TRUTH. One sweep of this has given my little lashes more volume than I ever could have imagined. low without knocking or smearing. " – Nerisha Penrose, Associate Editor


For a tasteless day

Iconic Lash Mascara

"Mascara is an everyday must, but I need a formula that will last all day, without stain. This polymer-based mascara, so the formula creates a tubular envelope all around every lash. My fav part is the removal: it literally slides off immediately. & # 39; Angel Lenise, lead video producer


For easy removal

Liquara Lash Extensions Mascara ™


$ 24.00

"This Thrive mascara makes my lashes so long that they run the risk of constantly touching my eyelid. It also comes easily at the end of the day with water so I don't stand there rubbing my eyes." Madison Feller, staff writer


For a free lifestyle

Monsieur Big Mascara


$ 25.00

& # 39; I learned that the mascara that doesn't flare up, doesn't knock or & # 39; skimp a little, is worth the investment. The day I met Lancôme's Monsieur Big Mascara, I never looked back. It is often the only make-up I do not have to wear if I wear it all day and night. & # 39; Savannah Walsh, associate editor


For the perfect balance

LashCraft Big Volume Mascara


$ 14.00

"If you want your eyelashes to tingle on your eyebrows, then Sephora Lashcraft is the one mascara you pull out of your make-up. The hair on this brush is spaced apart, tearing each thread out and up. thick enough to add volume but light enough that your lashes are not lumpy or weighed. & # 39; Yousra Attia, photo editor


For strong lashes

They really are! Elongation and volumetric mascara

Benefit Cosmetics

$ 13.00

"My eyelashes are thinner and lighter than my actual hair. Without a good black mascara, they are basically invisible. Advantages: they are Real ib-black glides on smoothly, without any lumps and makes my little tits look thick, yes, yes, right. " Katie Connor, digital director


For depth and drama

Lash Alert Mascara

"My make-up habits are definitely maintainable for someone who doesn't leave home without lipstick; I add a touch of foundation, and that's it. But something about this glorious tube often wakes my sleepy eyelids," a density at Depth I can't find anywhere else. I'm willing to update my routine for this one. " Julie Kosin, Senior Culture Editor


For a buildable formula

Diorshow Pump & # 39; N & # 39; Volume HD Mascara

& # 39; I can't live without lashes, and this mascara has a formula that can be built that goes quickly from bambi to bombs. It also manages to cover my lashes without getting anywhere and leaves no black residue at the end of the day. " – Ariana Yaptangco, social media editor


For a game changer

Better than six-mascara

Too confronted

$ 13.00

& # 39; I've tried many mascara's before, but I don't know if I've ever been blown away by changing my lashes. It adds so much volume and fullness to my natural lashes (it's long, so I'm happy there, but the difference makes it!) I don't even have to curl them to get compliments. It is a game changer. & # 39; – Alyssa Bailey, news editor

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