18 Beautiful Cherry Blossom Art Designs



This past summer, Skittles manicures were furious. Now that the weather has dropped below the fifties, it's time for more seasonally appropriate nail designs. Yes, this is the season for Fair Isle patterns, glitter and muted colors. It's Christmas, baby, and nothing brings me more joy than practicing my fresh, sparkling festive manicure while sipping my favorite comforts and watching the Hallmark Christmas movies. Attend office holiday party? Or maybe you're ready for some personal vacations. Before, 18 festive designs to inspire you this holiday season – and the next and the next.

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Seen red

N.Y.C. nail artist Kia Stewart (owner of Brooklyn nail salon Lux K) specializes in minimalist designs and fine lines. Case and point: The classic red manicure updated with a negative space and small, small red-gold swirls.

Klingel, Kink

Choose a fine, simple nude manicure with silver stains on the ends.


If you're not quite ready to jump into red and green holidays, make your nails come alive with a colorful ombre that blends neutral colors like beige and olives with oranges and berries.

Fudge me up

The holiday season is not complete without chocolate. Sweeten your nails with this delicious fudge-colored polish – add a few thin golden stripes for a bit of flashy blistering.

Cheetah Licious

So you subscribed to Disney + and didn't stop watching The Cheetah Girls. Channel your inner Galleria, Chanel, Aqua, and Dorinda with glittering gold and brown leopard spots.

Black diamond

This cat-shaped stylized nail design is the cooler, goth sister of the classic French manicure. Sketch the tip of the nail with a beige base with a thick black line.

Twisted French

Leave it on the Miss Pop to turn the French corner – literally. Here, she brings the end of the white dot to the nail bed and creates what she calls the & # 39; Arch French & # 39; call. Get it?

olive branch

& # 39; A complete set of glitter nails can be a bit. Save the frills for just two nails for this design and paint the remaining fingers in a glossy bark.

Candy Cane

For those who have "All I want for Christmas are you" at the moment the Thanksgiving remnants are done, this one is for you. Each finger is decorated with Christmas signatures, including peppermint stripes, melted snow and bows.

Sparkle and marble

What makes this set special is that it acquires three golds: green and gold shimmer, honey gold marble and upright sparkles.

Red negative space

If you can't decide whether you want full red nails or negative space, the Kia Stewart design offers you the best of both worlds.

Chess, not Checkers

N.Y.C. artist May Kawajiri has created a design that works for Halloween and Christmas. Using cream and black polishes, she developed a chessboard design inspired by a Joker card.

French girl

French manicures have become popular again this summer, and early aughts babies can rest easy because the craze has not died once. Opt for Bella Hadid's classic French, which draws a white curl along the nail.


Keep it simple with a white, iridescent polish that shines bright when the light hits it. Nothing but a fresh snowfall, right?

Ready for this jelly?

Yes, jelly nails are a moment. Here Natalie Minerva adds dimension to the lucite nail by outlining the shape of the nail with a thin black line.

Ice princess

There's nothing like too much "ice" on your nails. Drip drip.


Sorry Avengers, it was really Michelle Won who took all the Infinity Stones and turned it into this beautiful masterpiece.

Golden Crescent

If you just want a subtle design, then choose a bright or light pink nail base, and then add a golden crescent at the bottom of each nail.

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