8 Best Hot Rollers – How to Use Hot Rollers

I used to think hot rollers are a vintage (read: obsolete) style instrument. Something my grandmother used. With a seemingly endless array of waffles, irons and other high-tech hair innovations, what can rollers give me that my existing arsenal hasn't done? The answer, it turns out, is immediate volume – lots of it – and ultimate convenience. You can have perfect curls in five minutes.

Celebrity hair stylist David Lopez, who works with Ashley Graham and Hailey Baldwin, is a big fan of using hot rollers – especially T3's Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe. "With hot rollers I have greater control over the longevity and bounce of the hair. It is also very gentle on the hair, so it's great if you are concerned about hair damage: hair treated with hair , overworked hair, etc., "he says. "Although they are exceptionally soft, you still get a great result!" Read more about Lopez in advance about hot rolling techniques and then buy top-rated rolling sets.

How long should you keep warm rollers to damage your hair?

"You cannot leave warm rollers long enough to damage your hair. What damages heat is foolish, "Lopez says." It takes an average of 12 minutes to cool, although I saw results after 5 minutes. For style life, you should stay in the hair for about 15 minutes to get the style retention you are looking for. "

How do you prepare your hair for hot rollers?

It's important that your hair is dry to begin with, says Lopez. "I like to use the T3 Cura Luxe at low speed and high heat while drying, to maintain the elasticity of the hair," he says. "Make sure the hair is dry with a medium mousse first. The heat from the rollers will activate this mousse and give the look a stronger memory. Finally, before I wrap each section around the hot rollers, I spray with hair spray and brush through. "His to-duo includes Kenra's Medium Hold Mousse and IGK's Intern Flexible Hair Spray.

Can all hair types use hot rollers?

"Yes! Although it wants to be for curly and natural hair types, you first want to smooth and smooth hair then use the hot rollers, "Lopez insists. The hot rollers will not straighten or smooth natural curly hair."

Any other tips for using hot rollers?

"Sometimes I wrap my hair around the rollers like I want to, because it can give you more of a loose wave look," says Lopez. "If you have long hair, pick up a 1-inch roller and wrap a section like a curling iron around the roller and glue it vertically. First, allow it to cool # 39; a long, loose curl. "

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

Lopez is a supporter of these rollers, because "the velvet that flies up does not pull or tighten the hair and seal in incredible shine as well."

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium 20 Roller Hairsetter

With 20 rollers in one set, even thick-haired people can cover a full head in these easy-to-use rollers. They come in small, medium and large vessels, so you can vary the sizes of your curls and look more natural.

Xtreme Big Curls Hairsetter

If you're looking for a voluminous, slightly wavy look, go search for jumbo rolls. The barrel is 1.5 & # 39; & # 39; thick, so it will deliver a ton of body solutions to the eye.

Conair Compact Hairsetter

If you are looking for hot rollers but do not know the size and do not apply the lifestyle, then pack this compact variety package. In this set you get eight medium (3/4 inch), six large (1 inch) and six jumbo (1 1/4 inch) rolls that do not take up too much space in your bathroom.

Remington Pro Hair Setter with advanced thermal technology Thermaluxe


$ 33.49

It only takes five minutes to see results from this hot roll set. Because lower heat is evenly distributed over a longer period, you really connect to a style, so it will take days.

Revlon Perfect Heat Curls To Go Travel Hair Setter


$ 21.99

These travel-friendly rollers reduce curls instantly. Pack it with you on your next trip (hopefully soon!) For easy, quick styling.

Caruso Professional Molecular 30-piece steam hair seat for multiple sizes

This unique system uses steam to heat rollers separately. Wait for a roll up, take it to a section of hair, pinch it and repeat it over your head. It is fast and, most importantly, damage-free.

Calista Tools Hot waves heated hair rollers


$ 39.95

These no-fuss rollers get you jumpy, shiny, classic curls. They also have a travel case, so you never have to worry about a bad hair day on the road.

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