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Dear diary,It’s another Friday chronicle with Genesis and I. Today is genesis Friday weather. It rained heavily and the weather is really cool and Genesis used it to her advantage by sleeping ????

Friday night chronicle


Well for what it’s worth, she can now play her cartoon on YouTube, sit properly to watch and also move to the songs *hallelujah* ???What is she doing this night you asked? Well, right now she is sleeping and therefore she says Goodnight to the Apple families ??


I will be sharing with you all my top 20 old classic movies for the night and weekend staycation. I will drop it quickly while I enjoy my watching on my own too ??I’m a sucker for old classic movies and trust me they don’t make these movies like they used to. I’m a big fan of Julia Robert so don’t be shocked when you see lots of her movies here.

Here goes the list in no particular order

1. The Pretty woman

2. My best friend’s wedding

3. The runaway bride

4. Phat girlz

5. The confession of a shopaholic

6. The diary of a mad black woman

7. Four weddings and a funeral

8. Brown sugar

9. American pie (The four parts)

10. The proposal

11. Edward scissor hands

12. Why did I get married?

13. Something new

14. Just Wright

15. Coyote ugly

16. The sister act (all parts)

17. Titanic

18. The wedding planner

19. The notebook

20. Coming to America

Here you have my list.

Choose at least 2 and bless your weekend with awesomeness from way back.

Don’t forget to comment your favorite ??Have a funfilled weekend.

Till next Friday…

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