Dear Santa Claus, my end of the year wishlist

Hello my gorgeous apples, how are y’all doing?

I can’t thank everyone enough for my new followers, likes, comments and views increase. I’m so grateful guys.

So I decided to pen down my end of the year wish list and it’s my first time of doing this. Hey Santa Claus might be out there waiting to make my wish come true ??

I have quite few things that would make my blogging easier. If you have been following my blog from day one, you will know I love makeup, fashion, beauty tips, photography and I write stories. I wanna really take the photography aspect serious but you know how hard it is without the right tools and not enough funds though.

Hey Santa Claus, don’t forget me this year.


I. A new phone (IPhone 8plus)

This will give my makeup look more defining and giving it quality. It will give my beauty products more quality and I’m sure I can move to the video mode of my blogging side.

II. A Leica camera M10

The perfect moment to take my photography to the next level. This baby is beauty

III. A ring light

For the perfect lighting taking awesome photos.

IV. New Makeup Kit

Dear Santa Claus please I need your visit this Christmas.

Your Faithfully, prosper.

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