Do I consider getting a bush in 2020?

& # 39; A new year brings the necessary bargaining on what I reform in the hair department. Am I going to get blonde? Do you get beats? Experiencing defeat and embracing the mess? Unfortunately, 2020 is the year in which an unexpected "All of the above" option exists. The mullet is back and begs the question: Is & # 39; Achy Breaky Heart & # 39; now a piece of art?

It makes sense that a new decade will introduce an "It" style that shifts to the risk taker in all of us. Maybe you got the news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are moving and want to follow? Fortunately, the "business in the front, party in the back" previously reserved for country stars and metalheads was hosted by people like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and euphoriaSee Barbie Ferreira. They no longer stigmatize this style.

The glamor even inexplicably struck me where I live. Somehow I moved that I never imagined my head and style in the same mind universe to have a clip and a photo taken of Joan Jett. The hairstyle, short on the front and on the sides, but long left behind, lends itself to a sense of playfulness and rebellion.

Laurie Heaps, a celebrity stylist behind the & # 39; do & # 39;, inspired this sense of tradition for Ferreira. She says Ferreira wanted & # 39; something shitty and eleven & # 39; have. So the & # 39; modern mullet & # 39; born. In some ways, Heaps claims that a mullet is the best equalizer of all hairstyles. She emphasizes that any hair type can be tailored for the cut and maintenance needs only a flat-size iron and texture spray.

That's it. I was temporarily sold. And is there a better way to honor David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, the king of the mullet, during his birthday month?

David Bowie As

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