For the first time, five black women hold crowns in the five most important beauty activities

Beauty contests have always lacked diversity, as history has proven time and time again that pageants favor women who display Euro-centric beauty standards. Then, in September 2018, a black woman from North Carolina named Nia Franklin made things shake up when she was Miss. Crowned America 2019, which marked the beginning of a groundbreaking 2019 black women's tournament. What followed Franklin's coronation was a historic year in pageant history, as the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss Universe, and now Miss World crowns are currently occupied by black women.

On Saturday December 14, Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica will be crowned Miss World. "To that little girl in St. Thomas, Jamaica and all the girls around the world – please believe in yourself," she wrote on Twitter after her victory. "Do you know that you are worthy and capable of realizing your dreams? This crown is not mine, but your saying. You have a PURPOSE."



Before Singh, Miss Universe placed a crown on the head of Zozibini Tunzi, who cut the stage with her beautiful afro form in a tapered cut of the mohawk (though she was told to wearing a wig). Business insidethat even & # 39; a lot of people I knew, people who were my friends, like, & # 39; Sis, we love you, but we're just saying: maybe you should put on a wig or & # 39; buy a tissue. & # 39; & # 39; But Tunzi wanted to use the platform instead to make a statement.

& # 39; I say beauty doesn't look a certain way, & # 39; she continued. & # 39; I tell women, you can also be beautiful if you want. You can stand up and say & # 39; I am beautiful as I am, with the shape I am, with the skin color I have, with the freckles I have. & # 39; & # 39;

At the top of the year, Franklin is joined by Kaliegh Garris, who took home the Miss Teen USA title in April (wearing her natural curls) and Cheslie Christmas, who was crowned Miss USA in May.

The tournament world has come a long way since Janelle Commissiong shook things up in 1977 as the first black Miss Universe and Vanessa Williams in 1983 as the first Miss. America.

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