Glossier launches its first eyeliner pen

The grind doesn't stop for the dizzy masterminds at Glossier, who launched his first eyeliner pen today. As a recent eyeliner mug, I was intrigued when the pink bag landed on my desk. Eyeliner has always scared me: pulling a perfect, sharp wing is daunting enough, but to fit it? Scary. Eventually, I stopped doubting myself (later from my therapist) and drank the eyeliner. I've tried quite a few eyeliner pens – but how does Glossier measure them?


Called Pro Tip (the brand likes & # 39; good puns), the pen is in Glossier's signature millennial pink and is designed around & # 39; the lash line & # 39; to cuddle for an accurate and secretive application. Glossier promises up to 12 hours of wear, taking into account the pigmented formula. The pen even contains an internal ball shaker so your lines run smoothly every time.

The first thing I noticed was the typical tip. Made of ultra-fine fibers, it is thin and flexible, yet retains a firmness for a steady hand. Pulling it over my lashes creates a smooth line. The tip is also extremely pointed, so getting a sharp, flipped wing is a breeze. In general, the pen is very easy to use and even the most unskilled winged bird carriers can finesse it.

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Now it's time to sew: the formula is buildable so you won't earn the color compensation right away. It took about four or five strokes to get an opaque black line. During my commute, I noticed that some of the lining was transferred to my hood. Fortunately, the product is easy to rub off. Despite these setbacks, the formula lasts all day and easily melts with the help of Milk Oil. But the best part of Pro Tip is perhaps the friendly price – a sweet $ 16.


liquid eyeliner


$ 16.00

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