Hedi Slimane's Unisex Celine fragrance collection is here

When Hedi Slimane was announced as Celine's new creative director almost two years ago, there was no speculation. Wouldn't the beloved Celine of Phoebe Philo fame be anymore? Would #newceline be anything but a #oldaintlaurent re-determination? And for fragrance lovers: there will be eventually & # 39; be a fragrance? (With the exception of a since-ended 1964 attempt, Celine stands alone as one of the only major fashion houses without a scent.)

The final question was at least answered to the suite. The Celine Haute Perfumery Collection launches this month, & # 39; a series of nine unisex fragrances by Slimane herself; two extra flavors will complete the wardrobe next year.

Perhaps a more meaningful way to distinguish the flavors rather than via their launch date is through their geographical and temporary connections: eight were inspired by Paris – five days, three evenings – and one, Eau de Californie, was inspired by the Golden State, where the designer once lived. That's the scent he wears, along with Black Tie, another of the evenings.

All of the presentations were inspired by – what else – Slimane's personal journal, and his expertise. Slimanestans will remember that he was also the nose behind the three Maison Christian Dior fragrances in 2004; Celine Haute Perfumerie feels like a complete body expansion from the very first breath. For starters, the flavors are paired by a & # 39; white orris, & # 39; nostalgic powdery chypre note that avoids many flavors due to its outdated associations. Here it is almost as if Slimane is enjoying the challenge. Another daring and shaky move? Nightclubs, one of the night views, are meant to smell like cigarettes, or more specifically how you can smell clothes after a night in a club before cigarettes are not allowed in clubs.

The bottle, which is paperweight and heavy, was also designed by Slimane and displays the sharp edges that are traditional in French glassmaking. The black cloth cap is engraved with the emblem of the Hotel Colbert de Torcy, the brand's home base. Each bottle costs $ 320 and honestly feels every flavor.

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