If you wash your face in the shower

Showers are my favorite part of the day. This is where I perform the deep cut of Beyoncé, where I clean my head, where I wash away the crust of slumber in the morning and lubricate after a long day at work. But this is also where I cleanse my face. If you've been "showered" on Google, search & # 39; a lot of articles that warn against it. But is it actually that bad? Am I really do I do more harm than good to my skin? After falling down on a Google rabbit hole, I decided the only logical way to evade this beauty myth was to go directly to & # 39; some credible sources. In front of the dr. Patricia Farris and dr. Camile Verovic set the record straight.

Is it good or bad to wash your face in the shower?

According to dr. Verovic there is no right or wrong answer. & # 39; First, do not take warm long showers because it dries out your skin, so apply the same thinking to your face. If you spend a long time cleaning your skin, whether it is mechanical or a chemical; you don't want to do that in the shower. Maybe you take quick showers and sometimes it is easier for you to do your skincare. If it works in your case, do it. "Dr. Patricia Farris expresses the same feelings, adding:" It doesn't matter where you wash your face as long as you wash it twice a day. "

Can your face be washed in the shower acne?

"Washing your face in the shower removes dirt, sebum, make-up, debris and pollution just like anywhere else. This is no proof that the shower is in the shower," Dr. Farris. "If you use salicylic acid, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide, the agents in a detergent will help clear your acne. If you have a breast or back acne, it is good to use detergents like this in the shower so it can be used. daily. "

Is it better to wash your face in the morning or in the evening?

If you pack the products at night, Dr. Farris on washing your face in the morning. "You absolutely had to wash your face in the morning," she says. "In the morning, it may not seem as important as washing at night, but most of us use a night cream or an anti-aging product like retinol. If you wash in the morning, the night products are removed. and a fresh cloth for your morning products. Make-up. " However, Dr. Verovic says that to do a lot of work on your skin at night and follow a different routine in the morning, Dr. "If you tend to use a lot of drying agents like retinoids at night, and you do most of your treatment – masks, chemical exfoliators, etc. – at night, just rinse your face in the morning without a cleanser."

What about the 60-second rule?

& # 39; I don't know who made the rule. Social media? I don't think of time when I wash my face, I know some people think of time when brushing their teeth, but your face is not like your teeth – it's not something you want to scrub or expose water to, & # 39 says Dr. Verovic. & # 39; If you are doing proper cleaning and moisturizing, you do not have to adhere to this rule. & # 39;

Do you need to use warm or cold water to wash your face? Is one better than the other?

      Do you know what myth about hot water that opens your pores and cold water closes it? According to both Dr. Farris and Dr Verovic are just that: a myth. "If I use a detergent that foams, or when I remove makeup, I find it best to clean with lukewarm water," says Dr. Farris. & # 39; Hot water can dehydrate the skin, and cold water, unlike what you said, will not clog your pores. If you have redness or inflammation in the skin, cool water can helps reduce and reduce redness by suffocating blood vessels. "

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