Matching Nails and Makeup Is Instagram's beauty trend of the moment

Do you know that feeling when your bra and panties match? Your skin is bright, your crops are thriving, your credit is up and running, and you've just been together all your life. Now you can feel the same about your beauty look.

Moderate custom makeup and nails stormed Instagram, with our favorite influencers and nail artists coordinating colors and designs. The trend is about the camp-like nature: the more on-site, the better.

And the makeup of the make-up and nails is nothing new. The trend first became popular on the runway in fall 2013 and again on the runway in spring 2015. "I feel like your lipstick matches your nails, it's always been a beauty trend in the old school, but the general monochromatic appearance of your makeup to your nails has become very popular recently, "says nail artist Amy Le, who has worked with influencer. Brittany Xavier on the matching look. & # 39; Personally, I like & # 39; a complete monochromatic beauty look from your hands to your face. So elegant, and it pulls everything together, especially Britain's neon look. & # 39; The 2020 version of the trend seems to offer a bigger premium for intricate nail art and shadow designs, and an update on which we can thank Instagram with Xavier and friends at the forefront.

Xavier says she finds inspiration by experimenting with color and makeup. "Recently, various new makeup products have provided an inspiration for what I do with my nails every time," says Xavier. "When I tried the neon yellow eyeliner and liked the way it looked on my eyes, I thought it would be nice to try it as a & # 39; neon-French trip. 39 got a bright shine for my lids and was really inspired by the transparent but very shiny look and it inspired my clear nail extensions. "

It's 2020 and it's time for your coordination game to close. Below are some suitable nail and makeup ideas to get you started.

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