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MJ Rodriguez

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When FX's hold This is the life of Mj Rodriguez first published in 2018. The television series, which follows the underground scene in the 1980s and & # 39; 90s in New York, was immediately sung with praise, not only for the subject and the performances, but also for the greatest role of trans actors ever on A written show appears and in turn shines a light on actresses like Rodriguez, Indya Moore and Dominique Jackson.

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After two seasons on hold (and with the third coming in 2020), Rodriguez reaffirms her status as a leading actress. She flexes her musical theater muscles The Late Late Show with James Corden, has the cover of from and recently worked with Olay Body to prepare for her upcoming event as keynote speaker for George Washington University's annual diversity summit. She does a 14-day transformation with the beauty market, and uses Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. "When you use a product that makes you feel happy and makes you feel comfortable, it's easy to walk out, have confidence, and do what you need to do," she said.

In celebration of the partnership, Rodriguez & # 39; s taken a few minutes to chat with ELLE.com about her favorite beauty looks, past beauty flaws, and the lasting power of hold.

She gives herself a mantra before big events.

& # 39; Whenever I do an event, especially when talking to a group of people, I always take at least 20 to 30 minutes for myself. I look in the mirror and talk to myself. I tell myself what I am worthy of; I also take a moment to let myself know that I am beautiful and worthy, no matter what anyone says. & # 39;

Red carpet event for the & # 39; Pose & # 39; from FX - Roaming Carpet

Rodriguez on the hold red carpet in August 2019.

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She views her partnerships as activism.

& # 39; I just want people out there to love, inspire, live, be happy, have confidence. For the young kids out there: thrive, hope, and fight for a positive cause. It is important that we shed light on the deaths of the young African American trans women out there, and we stop it and keep fighting. That is why it is important to have partnerships like this with Olay, because it gives young individuals out there the hope to see that women like me can do these things and be able to strive and live. To end the violence, there has to be a physical face to show that we can actually thrive and live and be happy – and not just survive. "

His credit hold because she changed her life as an actress.

& # 39; It has changed my life into awareness and being seen and heard, and most importantly, being taken seriously as an actress. Many women like me who are in the trans community, especially African American trans women, do not & # 39; I get the opportunity to be in the foreground or even in the mainstream hold changed the dynamic, and it opened the eyes of people who didn't really have the training or vocabulary. It gives them a glimpse into our lives because we are human. & # 39;

She has a great beauty regret of acting.

& # 39; When I was in rent (in 2011), I would always just put on makeup, and I would go on stage and see that it was just running off my face. Never use too much makeup as it will ruin your skin. It feels like it's the most important thing … When I was younger, I was always one to overuse. Not understanding the T zone, not understanding the dimension and relationships when it comes to face. Now I have a better idea of ​​the landscape of my face. & # 39;

Her character, Blanca, gave her confidence in IRL.

"The best part about Blanca's pay is that she is a strong fearless woman. She is confident in herself and not to mention she is someone who holds the show together. She is the matriarch of the show. I think she even gave me confidence (to be) one day in my life & # 39; matriarch and take on the world completely. It starts here. It starts with making people see and understand you. "

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Her beauty inspirations are also her colleagues …

& # 39; I will say that there are & # 39; some people I really love and appreciate, and it & # 39; s a coincidence that we all participate in the Olay Body Challenge. (One person) is Laverne Cox. That's my sister. I've known her for about nine years now. She was such an advocate of beauty and self-care and of loving yourself. And my girl, Danielle Brooks. & # 39;

… but she always finds her own look.

"The best beauty tip I discovered this year is to pair a glossy nude lip with a deep, dark blue smoky eye.

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