Red Hair Color Ideas 2019

Jessica Chastain


Although only two percent of the world's population is born with red hair (baby Archie according to mom, Meghan Markle), you don't have to have a ginger gene to draw the super-rare shade. “The key to achieving the most natural red hair clings to the copper or copper gold family, ”explains Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas, who works with the Kardashians, Hailey Baldwin, Shay Mitchell and Nicole Richie. "Any highlights should also stay in the warm family and accent the warm family and compliment the buyer base."

Being a former temporary redhead can be one of the challenges of keeping your new shade at home. Notorious red dyes bloom faster than other colors, blurring an annoying but real reality. Celebrity stylist Chuck Amos – who works with Tracee Ellis Ross, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Solange and Lion Babe – suggests choosing a tinted shampoo or conditioner for colored hair. & # 39; This way you can improve your color during the washing process, & # 39; he explains. & # 39; Even if you are born with reds, you will often need a boost of color.

Another sub-trend we predict? Cinnamon spice hair, don't be confused with the pumpkin spice phenomena. KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME, Global Series of Design, Kate Reid, explains that this dazzling red color is best for those with a natural or golden skin color. If you have this color, try turning this fall to red, peach, coral, orange, orange, gold and apricot colors. "Inspired? Keep clicking to see all the red ones that are most complementary.

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Our Lady J.

Author and producer for attitude and transparent, Our Lady J's chestnut hair is 100 percent worth bookmarking.


Larsen Thompson

The naturally-red YouTube sensation admits she doesn't do much to maintain her sought-after color. "I prefer to let my hair air dry so I don't damage it by heat and things like that. I also use a lot of stay-away conditioner," she said. Galore Mag.


Yrsa Daley Ward

The super-awake poet shows that natural textures (including 4C curls) and the rich autumn color go perfectly hand-in-hand.


Janet Jackson

The queen of the doll is no stranger to red locks. Since her album "The Velvet Rope" dropped, she has inspired many people to take the plunge.


Bella Thorne

So … despite how well she shakes it, Bella Thorne admits that her natural hair color is * fierce * blonde. But seriously, can you imagine her as something other than a rich strawberry redhead?


Roisin O'Donovan

The Irish beauty's deep, dark, shadowy display shows her creamy complexion.



We can't get enough of Halsey's fire truck red. It is reminiscent of Bad Gal Rih Rih's 2011 Vogue covers appearance.


Nyakim Gatwech

The South Sudanese model and the self-proclaimed Queen of the Dark, Nyakim Gatwech proves this some skin color can confidently wear red hair and be comfortable.


Serena Laurel

This more muted, strawberry-blonde-meets-blonde shade is super chic on actress Serena Laurel.



Frankly, when Zendaya came up with this deep, rich shade at the Emmy's, the red carpet almost stopped. It heats her olive skin color in ways we couldn't even imagine.



Rih Rih returns to her former redhead at the BET Awards in 2019 – and has fans speculating that & # 39; a new album could also be on the horizon.


Debra Message

The curls of the fire truck may be her signature, but Debra Messing is still counting on Goldwell to keep her color level.


Lion Babe (aka Jillian Harvey)


Amy Adams

Her effortless waves were perhaps the center of beauty Sharp objects, however, we stood for years after Amy Adam's ginger color.


Julianne Moore

We may need to name Julianne Moore as our unofficial redhead role model.


Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks first dyed her hair red at ten years old and mentions other redheads like Anne of Green Gables,Ginger van Gilligan & # 39; s Iceland"and Lucille Ball as her color icons.


Sabina Karlsson

Often referred to as one to look at, this Afro-Swedish model breaks the stereotype of natural redheads. Swoon.


Lana del Rey

Although she switches back and forth from dark to dark brown and even light strawberry blonde, Lana Del Rey rocks deep red from aplomb.


Lily Collins

Lily Collin's red color is bright, daring and bold. The candle tone plays up her ahemal, lily color. Commitment-phobes can fake the funk with strategically placed extensions.

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