Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is on a crusade for clean beauty

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a model on a mission. It took years of questioning and persistent comments on social media before the supermodel finally announced what she wants to do after her success as a model.

& # 39; I realized people were interested in my habits and my beauty routine, & # 39; Huntington-Whiteley explains between the sips of a matcha latte in the Crosby Street Hotel in New York. When she fell pregnant with her son Jack in 2017, it felt like the perfect time to embark on her beauty passion project.

Rose Inc. was launched in 2018, a year after Jack's birth, as a dedicated beauty parlor full of interviews with her model friends such as Martha Hunt and Georgia Fowler, secrets behind some of Huntington-Whiteley's most beautiful red carpet look , and tutorials with makeup wunderkind and her top Sam Visser.

The site also focuses on one core: clean beauty. The purpose of the model is to let people read ingredients and know what they are putting on their skin.

& # 39; I am much more interested in the ingredients I put on my skin since I became a mother, & # 39; explains Huntington-Whiteley. & # 39; I check all products for pore-clogging ingredients because I struggle with eruptions and stuffed skin. & # 39; As products & # 39; ingredient on her & # 39; no list & # 39; contains, she refuses to use it.

In keeping with her values, Huntington-Whiteley is the first ambassador for Hourglass Cosmetics. She became an immediate supporter of the brand when her makeup artist Florrie White first introduced her to the bronze palettes and Hourglass's mission of cruel luxury beauty.

And a product at the top of her "yes list" is the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer.

Vanish ™ Airbrush Concealer

Hourglass cosmetics

$ 34.00

& # 39; I stole the liquid concealer prototype on set and have no longer used it, & # 39; she says. & # 39; It gives me such incredible coverage on my outside days and the brush is phenomenal. It is a unique crescent shape that fits all shapes of the face. & # 39;

Huntington-Whiteley is a busy woman with a toddler running around, a beauty website full of weekly new content and a collaboration with Hourglass Cosmetics. & # 39; A fact she fully admits. & # 39; Although I probably have less time to get ready now, my love for beauty has grown so much deeper. & # 39; Cheers (with a matcha latte!)

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