The perfect holiday party accent

I'm one of the people who keeps a tree months after it's socially acceptable, so I'm excited to say that the holiday is officially coming. It means candles with scented cookies, cozy PJ's, and everyone who's away from high school in your hometown (the true meaning of Christmas). But possibly the best & # 39; Part of the holiday is to have too many excuses to dress and feel fancy.

In advance, we round off the perfect accent pieces – those memorable details that add color to your look and tie everything together. Shop our favorites for the season, starting with the ideal home gel manicure essentials.

& # 39; A quick gel manicure

This is the look, feel and durability of gel nails with Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish. I like that this is an easy two-step application process: just paint two coats of the gel Couture shade of your choice, let it dry and then add one coat of Gel Couture layer. It's the same beautiful, long lasting result as salon gels, sans the harmful lamps and removal. You don't have to sacrifice color options; There are over 100 shades so you can find the perfect holiday color to be the best accessory for your look, be it gold glitter, bright red or a classic nude. (You do.)

& # 39; A Fresh Hairstyle


Pearl Shrette of open form


$ 12.00

If your social feed didn't make it obvious, hair accessories are everything right now. The simple addition of a barrette instantly elevates every everyday style. And this option with pearls is even elegant enough to replace an updo – which means you have to look and feel like yourself. Bonus: the design reminds me of warm, bright lights on the tree.

& # 39; A playful pump


Haide Feather Pompom Pump

Sam Edelman

$ 17.49

I think there is zero reason to go out for a new dress for a holiday when you can easily refresh a piece you already own with a wonderful heel. Your favorite office LBD serves as the perfect base for your party look when you add some gorgeous, beautiful accessories – like these pom-pom pumps from Sam Edelman.

& # 39; A Lip Maintenance Lip


Powder Kiss lipstick


$ 19.00

One of my favorite ways to show everyone around me that I actually have my life is to match my lipstick with my manicure. Especially during the holidays, you can't go wrong with a classic red (on your lips) or nails), and the Powder Kiss formula from MAC is definitely the route to take. It runs as smooth as a monkey stick, but dries to a beautiful matte finish that will last through hot chocolate, mistletoe and everything in between.

& # 39; A Holiday Scent


Lost cherry

Tom Ford

$ 335.00

They say luxury memories are the strongest, and I bet everyone will remember you with a spritz of this Tom Ford fragrance. It smells of hot cherry pie (fresh from the oven) and leaves a sweet trace wherever you go. Just book it for the holidays, and every time you (or your loved ones) smell it, you will know that it is that special time of year again.

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