100 women, one kilometer long runway

Most runway shows take place during specific fashion weeks – within the walls of hotspots in major cities worldwide. Recently, however, SOREL broke the mold – the brand's shoes completely unearthed fashion norms for the New York show in early October.

Professional models, for one, were not involved. Instead, SOREL chose to play & # 39; a series of real, everyday women. The show began on a typical runway, but quickly opened and continued on the streets of New York's Meatpacking District.

The show is about the latest models from SOREL and more about empowering women with a simple message: The world is your runway. Watch behind the scenes how the unique display of SOREL's fall line came to life.

(100) New York City Women


SOREL cast a diverse group of 100 women from all over the city of New York to walk to the show. After hours of accessories, each woman wore clothing from the Trunk Club, a personal clothing brand. The look, designed by Kate Young, ranged from cool, useful jumpsuits to breezy shirt dresses and comfortable sweater-and-denim combos.

After the event, all clothing was donated to Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that provides support and professional ensembles for low-income women as they go through the job interview process.

(1) Mile-long runway


The fashion show began like any other: a stage, a brand background, bright lights, upbeat music and a seated audience. But as each woman reached the end of the runway, she stepped off the stage, left the venue and continued on a mapped, mile-long lane – up and down the High Line and all over the Meatpacking District.


(90) Minute-long display


The show starts at 5:50 p.m. and for the next 90 minutes, the women flocked through the streets of New York into the fall collection of SOREL. The mile-long "runway" emphasized the function of the shoes, while the women stopped traffic, walked through rain showers, and walked up and down the elevated High Line park.

(115) Pairs of SOREL & # 39; s


The range included 115 pairs in 30 different styles of SOREL shoes, including colored Chelsea boots in color blocks, high heel style styles and snug style laces.

(250) invited guests


Hundreds of guests were invited to the mile-long show, but the numbers gradually increased as the event took place – viewers stopped to take photos and cheer the women as they passed.

(100) bottles of bubbling + countless memories

Yes, the day is about showing off SOREL's functional yet fashionable shoes – but it was also a celebration of a group of diverse and real women. The only suitable way to end the day, of course, was to toast the women and their mile-long walk with 100 bottles of champagne. now what they & # 39; a celebration.

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