14 Deep conditioners and masks for healthy, moisturized hair

best hair-deep conditioners

If you've ever ripped a brush through your hair root, rubbed on the heat shield, or pasted your hair between two 400-degree hotplates, chances are you can use some extra TLC wires . Of course, the usual conditioner that comes with shampoo delivers a lustrous finish after cleaning, but sometimes you have to bring in the big guns for a boost of moisture that seriously revives tired, dull, overworked hair .

Tap into a harvest of deep-seated home treatments that inflate the bounce and glamor of a salon visit into decadent formulations that spoil the crap out of the hair it needs most. These formulas for her coding are like a spa day for tired threads, which makes them look a little brighter and instantly look more refreshed.

In advance, we picked up 14 hair masks and deep conditioners to regrow any hair type. Our selection includes quick-acting formulas in the shower, overnight treatments that work while you sleep, and convenient pre-shampoo therapy options. Click through to see them all (and buy them!).

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