2019 holiday looks along with Sam Edelman

Each holiday season usually involves the same events: going home to visit family and raise friends with childhood, many shopping for gifts, and of course all kinds of parties. It can be stressful, but if you have the right equipment, you can look forward to every outing. After all, dressing is the most enjoyable part of the holiday.

These three outfits, complete with timeless items from Sam Edelman, will make every occasion in your holiday scheme more exciting – and you deserve everyone the compliments. Take a look at the look below and buy it yourself.

Hang out in your hometown

imageHoliday time requires a lot of family time, so having at least one outfit that says "I'm an adult paying their rent on time" is important. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun with it (after all, you're going to have drinks with your hometown after dinner).

Wear this leopard midi dress with a burnt orange teddy and suede boots for a look that will love even your most critical aunt. If you are tired of asking questions about your relationship, go to the girls and show off the cute necklace of the dress by taking off the jacket.

Last minute shopping

imageEven after a month's planning, there is always one person you forgot to buy a gift for. You need something fun and fun for that last-minute trip to the mall – and lunch with friends to a busy morning shopping mall.

Pair a puff adder with a faux fur collar with these dark red skinny jeans covered in wax for a smooth matte effect. And you can't go wrong with hours of shopping with fighting boots – that is not the time for blisters.

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