4 Shoes that feature vegan shoes on & # 39; n & # 39; sustainable & # 39; and try to do stylish way


Looking back on a year in which sustainability is finally bursting into the mainstream, many of us start with 2020 by taking a closer look at our consumption habits. At this point, we all understand that the most sustainable choice is to stop consuming completely, but for those who crave newness, there are more options than ever when it comes to brands that share as little damage as possible while still posting new things in the world. In the field of footwear, some remarkable (non-sneaker) brands want to offer cute shoes that are vegan and responsible.

& # 39; An important thing to note is that veganism is far from synonymous with sustainable. Although the leather production industry has a historically well-documented negative impact on the environment, there are many shoe brands that learn to use leather in a more sustainable way. In addition, polyurethane, which is often relied on to mimic the durability and ease of leather, is not exactly the greenest material out there.

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