Buzzy Beauty Ingredient of the moment: Squalane

beauty ingredient-squalane

Welcome to our series & # 39; Buzzy Beauty Ingredient of the Moment & # 39; whose premise is pretty self-evident: in each delivery, we explore an ingredient that is currently trending in the industry, and come up in different products that beauty walk. We'll consult experts to find out about the science behind it – and why it's a big moment now.

It seems every day brings together a new beauty ingredient that we as a civilization, must know about. (Cue: Eva Longoria repeated "he-a-lur-on-ic-acid" by repetition!) But every now and then, a substance comes to know really. Hyaluronic acid is definitely one of those – especially for anyone who prefers a hydrated complexion without an oily, smooth feel – but what we need to focus on now is a slightly more old-school ingredient that & # 39; A revival in beauty enjoys world of late: squalane.

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