Do we take skin care products more seriously if it smells bad?

In the 1980s, Frank Buckley, founder of Canadian cough syrup company Buckley, coined the slogan of the brand: "It tastes terrible. And it works." This resulted in a significant increase in the brand's market share at the time. The premise was simple: Although the product had a nasty taste, customers bought it because it was considered so effective.

There is a long-standing idea that the use or use of medicines should not be a pleasant experience. The same line of thinking can be applied in the skincare industry, which is full of examples of backed-up scientific products that have cult-like followings of dedicated fans, despite their notorious scents. But as the products' reputation has strengthened over the years and cemented them as part of the elite cult-favorite category, their seemingly unattractive flavors have actually added to their appeal?

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