How style can help you land the work you want

25-year-old Hannah Miller is different on the track every day – and that's how she likes it. & # 39; I just couldn't sit down at a desk all day; I would go crazy, "she says. Miller is a Hearst Digital photo producer, where she manufactures all the brand names (including for ELLE)!

"It's always nice to be on my feet and go places," Miller says. About half of her week is spent on set, which can be in a studio setting or depending on the customer and shooting abroad. Whether she's picking up props before going to the office or working in a beautiful New Jersey mansion, they're especially Miller-style.

& # 39; I think fashion and the way you dress is such a powerful tool, & # 39; she says. & # 39; To dress in a way that makes me feel confident and good on the outside, and it makes me feel like I'm being taken seriously. & # 39;

Since she do spend most of her time working on her feet and moving around, it is very important to Miller that she wear a comfortable pair of shoes. For example, the SOREL Cate Lace butterflies are comfortable enough to get her from the office to photo shoots and fashionable enough to fit her work attire.

& # 39; Being stylish in something yet comfortable is very important, & # 39; she says. "This is great because they have some height, but they are still very, very stackable and I think it is the best of both worlds for my day-to-day office work. & # 39;

Check out Miller's tips on how fashion and style can help you make great moves in your career:

Tap on your employees for Style Inspo

imageKelsey Cherry

Do you know how they say, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?" We think it's important to do both. "Even just dressing in a way that is appropriate and professional shows that you are there for the job and that you are capable of so many things," Miller says.

While you like your personal style (because we are not always so), take a sign from people in your office. & # 39; I feel so happy to go to work in a place where only the people in the office offer so much inspiration, & # 39; she says. & # 39; I'm constantly like, Omg – I like that skirt or jacket. When I incorporate special pieces in my own style, it makes me feel like I am among this place of powerful creativity.

SOREL booties,; Madewell jacket,; Iro blouse,; & Other stories-skirt,; Emm Kuo bag,; Machete earrings,; Mateo lazy,

Know what works for you – and it works

imageKelsey Cherry

"It's so important to find what you like about your body and emphasize it, because it's the way to make yourself feel confident," Miller says. For her, she wears something like this matching set that shows her legs – plus the extra height of the shoes – to walk her into a room and feel empowered.

& # 39; I sometimes think it's & # 39; looks good, feels good, & # 39; & # 39; she says. White teas are also a staple for Miller. & # 39; If you wear something more dressed, then you throw a white tea under it, & # 39; s a little more comfortable. & # 39; And she'll know – she has about 50 in her closet.

Another tip: it's always good to put on a light colored shoe like the SOREL's with a skirt, Miller says, so it doesn't get your leg on 39 an uncomfortable way.

SOREL booties,; Veronica Beard Jacket and Skirt,; Amo-t-shirt,; Mateo earrings and rings,; Officina del Poggio bag,

Have fun with it

imageKelsey Cherry

For Miller, this means she works in the fashion and creative industries, she can play with fun prints and more comfortable work. Here she pairs her "favorite jeans ever" with a side button down and jacket that gives the denim a more polished look. With the SOREL butterflies, it's an outfit that Miller can easily get around – from an office shooting back to the office.

SOREL booties,; Serrano jacket and blouse,; Agolde jeans,; Young Frankk Earrings,; Mateo rings,; Emm Kuo bag,; Enki sunglasses,

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