How to take care of your jerseys so that it lasts your life

Chanel Fall Winter Show 2019. Photo: Imaxtree

Chanel Fall Winter Show 2019. Photo: Imaxtree

Remember, when you bought that very expensive jersey and justified it by saying, "It's an investment piece! I'll wear it forever!" But after just a few months of wearing the same sweater, it may start to peel, have accumulated a ton of built-in cat hair, or simply smell like you're wearing it too often. We were all there.

But just because you knitting is in a soft condition, that doesn't mean you have to donate it yet. There are some tips and tricks you may want to try first. We took care of all the laundry and non-laundry for knitting, as well as some of the best tools to give you an extra helping hand. (But note: everyone has different opinions on the care of certain jersey fabrics, so always remember to check the care label first, as the directions may differ.)

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