Kinfield, a personal care brand that people just want to get more about, is a label to look at

Photo: Courtesy of Kinfield

Photo: Courtesy of Kinfield

Have you considered cutting a photo of your bug spray for an Instagram flat page? Probably not. Unless, of course, your spray power is Kinfield's, which is in an aesthetically pleasing bottle prepared for sharing on social media. Although its packaging and branding are some of the main draws for its fans, it is the brand's attention to detail and transparency that seems to be buzzing;

The "clean" personal care launched in July, and as of Thursday, it has been officially blessed by Goop, with which he will launch his first major retail partnership (he acted primarily as a direct consumer in the first few months). Kinfield's product portfolio contains just three products: Golden Hour, a citronella-based insect repellent; Sunday Spray, a moisturizing aloe mist; and Waterbalm, a solid moisturizing stick, priced from $ 18 to $ 22. (There are also some pretty solid merchandise available.) The close lineup speaks to the business founder's mindset, Nichole Powell, whose priority is not just building a successful brand, but deliberately. With Kinfield, nothing is superfluous, and nothing is done without regard to the bigger picture.

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