Prada and Adidas are the latest power pair of fashion

If any brand knows how to find collaboration, then it's Adidas. But his latest team is not with your favorite rapper (the brand has partnered with Kanye) or the hottest star athlete (David Beckham, James Harden). This time, Adidas is dipping its three-striped insole into the luxury pool for a special collaboration with Prada.

"#Pradaforadidas @adidas @adidasoriginals. Coming soon," the Italian luxury label & # 39; wrote a photo on Instagram, featuring two Adidas shoe boxes – one in the blue color of the brand and one in black – featuring 39, a big white Prada shopping bag goes down. Prada's headline directed followers to click on a link in the biography, which revealed no further information about the crash. However, based on the photo, it is safe to assume that the brands detect two pairs of sneakers.

Talks about the #pradaforadidas collaboration began in October when the Twitter user @pyleaks tweeted that the two brands will have two sneakers & # 39; soon & # 39; would release. According to the tweet, the sneaker will be titled Adidas Prada Sailing and come in three different colorways: white, silver and red.

Adidas is not an amateur. The sports brand previously teamed up with Raf Simmons, who redesigned Adidas' iconic Stan Smith silhouette and the thin Oweeno shoe. Adidas' growing list of collaborators also includes Pharrell Williams, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and more.

Check back here for more updates on the # Pradaforadidas collaboration.

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