The best jeans for postum – 9 women on postpartum jeans who help regain their body

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"I had a C-section, so I was nervous about wearing jeans," said Meredith Greif, professor of art history. The simple task of finding well-fitting clothing after birth – outside of comfortable leg bones – can be extremely monumental. Between sleep deprivation and the enormous change that your body and psyche undergoes, fashion may not be your top priority. But (and read this sentence again) can help guide you to the baby. The task can feel daunting if you've never been there, so we asked nine women who did it.

Of the paper-thin jeans, Greif said it did not irritate her scars for structured high rises that included the newly released zones, and we listed the best mommy jeans (for real moms).

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Rib Support Jeans

Ribcage Flare Jeans

Levi & # 39; s

$ 98.00

& # 39; Levi & # 39; s & # 39; Ribcage does exactly what it claims: stick to your rib cage. Post-baby, this is the kind of support I need. I also love corduroy this season and the wine color makes it extra & # 39; & # 39; 70's mom. & # 39; & # 39; —Aya Kanai, fashion director, mother of Rei, 20 months old

Thin stretch Jean

Jodi Crop Slit Flare Jeans


$ 109.97

& # 39; I had a C-section, so I was nervous about wearing jeans. I also lost weight fast, so I usually don't have to buy new clothes after the baby. But I fell in love with AG's lush stretch velvet jeans in super black. The thinner, high waisted denim with super stretch fabric did not irritate my scar. & # 39; – Meredith Greif, professor of art history, mother to max, 3 months old

Suck your jeans

High Rice Single Crop

Re / Done x Levi & # 39; s

$ 325.00

& # 39; My favorite jeans are Re / Done x Levi's because of the high waist. It feels like it's invading me! ”- Jennifer Galante, digital strategy consultant, mother to Cara, 4 years old

Leather panel jeans

Mama J Super Skinny Maternity Jeans

J Brand

$ 198.00

& # 39; I lived in my Mama J jeans during my pregnancy and in the first few months after that. Comfort became my top priority, but I also didn't want to sacrifice my style and these jeans fit the bill. Worth every penny. "- Valeria Sosa Mantica, director of advertising account, mother of Mateo Mantica, 1 month

Non-Jegging Jegging

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean


$ 68.00

& # 39; After the baby, I wanted jeans that were both comfortable and stylish and not & # 39; jaggings & # 39; don't shout. I love Everlane because I knew that I could lose my baby only after losing my baby weight. & # 39; – Benedetta Amadi, interior designer, mother of Olympia, 17 months

Ultra-high waist jeans

Taper leg jeans


$ 115.00

"I had enough stretch jeans during my pregnancy. Then I searched for & # 39; a pair with a high waist that still held everything in place but was loose enough to not have comfort. " – Nina Solomon, Art Director, mother of Levi, 2 years old

Back-to-work jeans


& # 39; I stayed in my jeans after having my second time. I went up a size and changed the legs to fit around the thighs, but it made me a little more space in the waist. inside I felt the opposite. & # 39; – Laurie Clark, publicist, mother of Baker, 3 months old

Maternity to post-maternity jeans

Mama skinny jeans

"I could still feel as if I was wearing my old jeans, while I was completely comfortable thanks to the super soft and stretchy belly band. I loved how these jeans kept their shape with enough cotton and not too much elastic." – Carly Cardellino, Beauty Director, mother of Delfina, 10 months

Comfortable stretch jeans

Sarah high waist Slim straight leg jeans


$ 186.15

"I did the Rent the Runway unlimited membership when I was pregnant, which gave me access to endless, incredible options. I kept the membership and actually found two jeans that I love, including this cropped pair of Paige." – Meghan Fishman, sales operations, mother to Mila, 10 months old

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