What 9 stylish women wear when working at home

Photo: Entireworld

Photo: Entireworld

Moving to Los Angeles two years ago, my first experience came home on a regular basis (well, unless your homework counts), and I became a little obsessed with a stylish work-from-home wardrobe. I started with a number of comfortable and modern brands, and every time I met someone else who worked at a distance, I immediately wanted to know what they were wearing. I also thought a lot about the Kardashians: with their high waist sweat and full of glam, born simply from the fact that their day job consisted of filming while hanging out in their Calabasas mansions between personal workouts and trips to Epione. did they invent the ideal aesthetic that looks beautiful at home?

I wander off. But when I talked to other WFH people, most of them made dresses as an important step in their morning routines, which makes sense. For most, changing out of pajamas is helpful to get into a productive mindset and not feel like a complete slab, but to be extraordinarily attractive than in & # 39; to go to an actual office. So what is the happy medium? To figure this out, I asked nine friends and acquaintances, who all work in fashion and dress very well when I see them in the world (or in the Instagram world), which they wear to be professional, motivated, comfortable and chic to feel at home. . Read on for their answers and find out some of their choices below.

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