& # 39; A woman's blonde dye shows why you should look after a professional

Kristen Rankin
Photo credit: Facebook / KristenRankin

Another day, another color fails. This time it came from a woman who thought she could bleach her hair blonde with a box paint and relax on the same damn day.

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Instead of luxury gold locks, she now sits with a hot tangled mess and had to seek the help of a licensed stylist and color expert. Kristen Rankin to try to save the situation.

It shouldn't be an "I told you not" moment, but you have to risk it. It is not a secret attempt to rob you of your coins – it is to protect your treasure chest.

"Chemicals aren't something you want to waste without the necessary knowledge and training, that's exactly why," Kristen wrote in a Facebook post sharing the damage. & # 39; Her hair can no longer recover. & # 39;

Kristen Rankin
Photo credit: Facebook / KristenRankin

The woman has lost lumps of hair, must have had at least one large hood, and will have to shake a wig until it grows out or she is comfortable with a bare bad.

Kristen shared the woman's photos with her consent for & # 39; educational purposes. According to her, the dye of the box is intended to work on a variety of hair types, thicknesses and texture, making it impossible to take into account the specific hair's needs.

"If you have your hair done by a professional, the color is customized for you, specifically with the integrity of your hair taken into account."

Kristen Rankin
Photo credit: Facebook / KristenRankin

She added that the packaging of the box is only good for those who have been doing it for years "and intend to keep it the same color forever." But she said if you ever want to change, you have to go and see a stylist. And make sure you tell your stylist about your previous color jobs.

"This is so important because the dye of the metal in the color of the box can react to our products and damage your hair!"

So, stop next time you decide to go to your stylist and say that it can take several sessions to get the color you want. Please.

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