These 3 things should be regimen in everyone's hair

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2019 is coming to an end and people are making all kinds of decisions as they prepare for the holidays. But healthy, thriving hair doesn't have to wait until next year. Make it a narrow goal.

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Ask any hairdresser, and they will make sure that the first step to healthy hair is a regimen. But what should that regime look like? We recently met the most famous stylist Kendall Dorsey – the hair-wizard behind creations on hair divas like Solange, Justine Skye and Yara Shahidi.

The former Oribe hair care educator has shared some basic aspects we all need to follow.

Keep it clean

"Having a good cleaning system is the first thing, ”says Kendall. & # 39; It contains & # 39; shampoo, conditioner and mask. & # 39;

It seems like a no-brainer, but some of us wait far too long between laundry or not paying attention to the whole washing process. Follow a schedule and don't wait until your hair stinks or has layers on low scalp.

Speaking of your scalp …

Pay attention to your scalp

Moisture is the holy grail of any hair care regimen. But, Kendall says to make sure we don't just focus on our hair strands. & # 39; Make sure your scalp is also hydrated, & # 39; he explains. & # 39; Use something like a tincture or oil drops on your scalp once or twice a week to make sure you are nourishing the base of the hair. & # 39;

He recommends trying Jane Carter Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum ($ 9.17)

Get a night routine

What you do at night is just as important as your morning routine. "Too many people skip it," Kendall says. & # 39; Everyone, everything needs a & # 39; rest phase to work properly the next day. & # 39;

This includes the basics such as sleeping on a pillowcase of satin, putting your hair in a bonnet or having your hair curled, he adds. & # 39; And this applies to every hair type. As long as you have that night routine, I feel like you are preparing for a wonderful morning the next day. & # 39;

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