All my face washers, which is the best sink?

Which sink is best for face washing? Before we get to the question about the hour, there is context. & # 39; A few days ago, a simple question was asked on Twitter: which subway seat is the best? The photo attached to the tweet offered five options. Can't be the one at the door, that's how you get your phone ripped off. Number four was too claustrophobic. Two and three? Forget about it. Everyone knows it's the worst. Except wait, it's all wrong. Four is the best, because seclusion in the subway is the greatest privilege: no one to light you during every transition. But, but … one is better, because you don't have to fight a crowd to get off the train! And that's how the conversation played out on Twitter. Everyone was right, everyone was wrong, and everyone was happy to explain why.

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However, there are is & # 39; a kind of strategy for many things we encounter every day. There is a certain logic in choosing the ideal matte spot in the yoga class, and some kind of calculation is used to select the optimal airplane seat. And then there's the thing you come across at least once a day: your face. You need a sink to do this! And while it can (theoretically) swap one subway chair for another, it's easier than swapping a sink, but chances are you'll have at least more than one sink during your facial wash. Maybe it was in a hotel, a boyfriend's apartment, your parent's house, who knows! It's your business! All we are saying is that you sampled the goods. There is a standard pedestal basin: a classic but no storage space, and there is the wall storage option that frees up under a product irrigation, if you will. The sinks of the ship are beautiful, but tend to dump excess water around the table top, and double sinks with plenty of counter space – which is not the best? Well, as long as the tap isn't nice, it's the worst.

Of course it is us opinions. And if the internet guarantees something, it's that everyone has one. What's yours? Your options, obtained from top shelves, are presented above. All my face washers, which is the best sink? One, two, three or four? Or maybe it's not one of the above; maybe it's a shower.

Photo via ITG.

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