Are your expectations too high when it comes to sales?

We are for sale season. Black Friday is coming up (talk about this, please keep up to date with our special sale next week), but another one is already up and running.

Well, first of all on Twitter.

From there, Barneys business sale became a running joke: the sadness of the iconic New York retailer's closure got excited over the prospect of tremendous deals during an inevitable liquidation sale, which turned into pure anger when the sale turned out to be nothing more than a huge five to ten percent discount. & # 39; Sampling:

However, poor Barneys are not alone. Ulta experienced a similar sales rage when the & # 39; Ulta Beauty Fest & # 39; on the weekend just couldn't live up to the hype. Known for its outstanding sales, including the famous “21 Days of Beauty” sales event, the store disappointed customers with “Beauty Fest”, which only offered early store openings at various locations, some limited time offers after they & # 39; reached a significant buying threshold, and & # 39; a few $ 5 coupons. On Twitter, it was compared to Fyre festival. The comments on the Instagram post announcing the sale were screaming, often in all-caps, full of exclamation points and capital D disappointment.

We can all agree that there is a difference between Barneys sending out email messages with the message “SHOP CLOSES SELLING THE WHOLE SHOP IS DELIVERED” and delivering poor deliveries and Ulta's, which whatever it was, but in our Slack it sparked a debate: shoppers who are a little bit right about sales? Or is there an obligation on brands to deliver big sales to make shopping worthwhile? We are curious! Leave your thoughts below.

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