Back home this week? You are committed to winning it

Call All My Home Ballers! It's time for you to return to the land of 2 single beds, full fridges and small pieces of paper with Wifi passwords written in chicken crab. It's time … to go home thanksgiving.

As you sit at the table or watch "The One where Rachel Beef Puts in the Trifle," play a game of Back Home Bingo. The rules are simple: check a box every time you experience one of the wonders of your return trip. Did you cry? Cheque. Have you asked your cousin for TikTok records? Cheque. Eat pumpkin pie for breakfast? Cheque. We hope you don't experience an unfortunate series of events and get bingo right away, but we can't make any promises.

Glossier Bingo-02

If you ever feel so festive, then share it on Instagram and tag @intothegloss so we can condolences celebrating together. And don't forget to listen to the 2014 SNL classic hit as you play:

Happy Thanksgiving!

—Chloe Hall

Photo via ITG

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