Chani Nicholas And The Beauty In Astrology

& # 39; Astrology is a reflection of you and your life. The whole thing can be seen through the lens of what makes you beautiful and what makes your life beautiful. There is one way to look at your birth chart where it is just you and your psyche. And the other way to look at the map is to see how your life is set up: to see what's challenging, what's going to be easy for you, what are your gifts. What I learned by being my card and living it out and giving myself a couple of decades to really understand what it was about is that the challenging parts of my card were asking me to developed. They asked me not to be lazy, not to stay in places that are easy for me. What I thought was really ugly or that I was astrologically embarrassed when I first started learning was the thing that has carried me so far.

(In astrology) there is the rising sign and the first house. The rising sign and the first house is & # 39; the self & # 39 ;, so that is how we are seen through the world and what our style will be in a sense. And then there is Venus and the moon, and the moon is our body; it is our emotional life and our connection to the person who gave birth to us. There is a physicality to the moon that is the home of our spirit. Then there is the sun, which is part of our identity and the purpose of life and how we shine, and it is also part of our beauty. Each planet, in relation to one of those things, Venus or the first house, possibly the sun and the moon, will help to summarize the type of beauty that a person walks around.

I've had a contentious relationship with beauty all my life. I got really sad about the harassment in my teens and 20's and 30's. It made me so angry that I wanted to rebel against beauty. It's a complicated thing: to live in patriarchy, because beauty is of course essential, beauty is binding, beauty must be celebrated, beauty is in so many things, but patriarchy wants to own beauty and sell it to you. It says you have to devour beauty and it throws you away as soon as you fail to meet these standards. Street harassment is one thing, but then there is the secret, structural power that diminishes you on every turn in micro ways that are less obvious but just as threatening. It's a set up, it's a pyramid scheme! And I think we all know that.

With the return of Saturn within patriarchy, it is a time for people who may be able to rely on their youth and the beauty that comes with it, to think that they will not be young forever.

I've been really working with skin routines lately – it was a toner I was obsessed with. I use ESPA's balancing toner. The experience of a good toner is one of the most refreshing things – I feel so clean! It pulls you in the right ways, it cleans in a way that isn't too harsh. I’m super into the Chantecaille Vital Essence; it is as if water meets a face mask on your skin. Then I use their Lifting Cream very sparingly – it makes you a little sticky. I put it right on my skin so it doesn't spill on my hands. It's like makeup for me. Although I like makeup a lot; I'm obsessed with Brow Flick.

I don't have a ton for my hair. I rarely wash it, I'll water it, it depends. You never know what it's going to be like. Sometimes it looks dry and curly and greasy, other days it looks incredible, hydrated and happy, and I did the same! Sometimes I rehydrate the ends with a little conditioner. I occasionally do a complete scalp treatment. I do oil it. My wife has a non-profit organization called FreeFrom, and they work on the points of economic justice and gender-based violence. One of the many things they do is create an entrepreneurship program for survivors. & # 39; A lot of survivors have developed beauty lines, and one of the businesses was started by this incredible chemist doing this special herbal blend of hair oil that I use. I don't think she has completely packed it yet, but it's incredible and it helps.

I just want every 20-year-old person – especially young women and sisters and teens – to know that their thirties are phenomenally rich in creative juices, and much of the 20-year-old chaos is beginning to recede.

Saturn is the planet of aging, responsibility, discipline, structure and boundaries. With the return of Saturn, it's time for us to mature. Although we have had great work and great success in our twenties, there is usually something that happens psychologically around the turning point from 20s to 30s, and that is the recognition of the ways we want someone like family to care. of us, or the way we surrender ourselves to a power structure. This is the time for us to claim it again. In its retrieval, we define who we are. If we've just hit our 20's, it's a real kick in the head.

With the return of Saturn within patriarchy, it is a time for people who may be able to rely on their youth and the beauty that comes with it, to think that they will not be young forever. In our youth we carry external beauty because everyone is beautiful in their youth. As we get older, the beauty has to be internalized. And we need to deepen ourselves and deepen our connection with ourselves and our lives. Culture is changing, but for so long everything that was out of date was hidden. It's a horror. We are scared to grow older, we are scared to die. The return of Saturn is & # 39; a time to say: & # 39; I can choose it differently. I can relate to myself in a very different way, and what would it mean to me to be a boss bitch in my own life? & # 39; It's a very transformative time. Sometimes it is for people filled with crisis because Saturn makes things real. We can get away with a lot in our 20s, and it can be really fun and it can be awful. We may feel lost, or we may feel really happy, but we are about 30, & # 39; how do I shape my life? & # 39; Because if I don't shape my life, I let other people or systems shape it. And then it's not mine and it's the nightmare of us living someone else's life. So the first return of Saturn is a wake-up call. But there is so much creative juice in your thirties. I just want every 20-year-old person – especially young women and sisters and teens – to know that their thirties are phenomenally rich in creative juices and are beginning to recede much of the 20-year chaos, and it works with your creative energy on & # 39; a way that is incredible.

I wish I would have known earlier in life that I used everything I went through, everything I was interested in, and everything I studied every day. I had the idea that I needed to move in a specific direction, and in the end, at least for me, it's really about merging all these experiences. When I look at my card, which is part of the reason I wrote my book, I see it so clearly now. When I was younger, I looked at my card, like, & # 39; Oh my God, what am I doing with it? & # 39; And now it's like, & # 39; Of course, it's going here, it's going here. & # 39; The journey of that self-discovery through both my map and through life was such a blessing, because I doubted so much about it in the beginning. It was such a wild ride and a wonderfully humble experience to see how wrong I was, being proved wrong by my own life. & # 39;

– as told to ITG

Illustration by Lucy Han.

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