Does anyone know how to moisten their backs?

The one skin problem that has plagued me throughout is dry skin. No matter how much moisturizer I apply, the salad lasts just as long. And during the winter, when my skin is dry and itchy, it often feels like an inch-thick layer of Aquaphor spread all over my body would be my only hope for a brief respite. Of course, it is impractical for many reasons (it is difficult to put on clothes, etc., etc.), but especially because it is impossible to cover the itchy part of my body: my back. I do have a husband, and sometimes I remember asking for his help, but I usually just give up and accept my fate as a person with a constant itchy back.

The discovery of Kate McLeod's Daily Stone provides some comfort; I can kiiiinda twist my arm to get out of my dry, itchy stains. But overall, I've always felt SOL about this incredibly specific, rather inconspicuous problem. Still, I want to know: is this happening to you? How are you doing Let us exchange strategies in the comments.

—Le Chernikoff

Photo via ITG

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