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Dear Kosas,

Doesn't everyone hope that the love for their life will come from an essay? The best things that are always recommended by friends are actually the kind of tenant on which this beauty site is based. So I discovered you.

OK well, I already had it discovered months ago – via random PR emails and semi-regular pop-ins to the Goop store in Bond Street. Did you look … well? So boring. I didn't feel a special way about you, and I didn't chat to take you home (if you know what I mean). But then three important things happened. First, I noticed that makeup artist Juan Jaar's set was full – full! Of you who were ready for this make-up. When interviewing Lily Aldridge, she mentioned that your tinted oil gives that elusive level of coverage where her skin is level but freckles are not erased. Finally, my friend Sydney, the person I text when I want to talk makeup, lets in the lipstick undone was her favorite lipstick ever. So I did what any reasonable beauty editor would do, and called you – 57 stop products – in the office. I had to see if we could work.

Our first appointment was a red lipstick (benefits). It was somewhere between my favorite red and my favorite brick, and so creamy – perfect for applying an imperfect with a finger. Then we are a meeting on my cheek. Creamy high intensity Helios do the work of a bronzer, which means I was warmed up and slightly sunk, but in an enlightened way that feels more believable. On the other hand, powder Contrachroma is the real right color of the blush to put on when I wear a red lipstick – not too pink or peachy where it clashes, but warm enough to make a bright lip less hard against the rest of my face. (I struggled with this for a long time and felt lucky that I could be vulnerable here.) I felt good about where we stood, so I went to look for the tinted oil. It was easy enough to match my shade because they are labeled by undertones – I'm a 3.5, fair with neutral undertones. Lily compares it to MAC Face and Body, and I feel the comparison to my favorite face and body base from Dior. Despite being oil, it dries surprisingly matte and does not feel greasy. it actually cover the pigmentation on my cheeks, but now look and feel enough like the skin that I don't feel like I need to put it anywhere.

I must admit, my love came about as a freight train – Lip Fuel wrist is like a mini Olio e Osso with a dreamy beige-pink hue. (I love it so much that I donated one to a friend.) undone and rose Water is great, though Stardust is the pure, moisturizing wash of "my lips, but better," which I can't believe I've lived for so long. The eye shadow in waterfall, & # 39; a powdery baby blue, is just as beautiful (though, be warned, it's messy to apply). The Lip Oil is the most pigmented one I've ever tried, occupying the space between gloss and pure oil – it smells like lip gloss, stays like lip gloss, but at the end of the day feel my lips are more hydrated than I used a traditional lip gloss. jellyfish is a safe bet, but I would jaws, which looks like a bright red sports car, or dip, which reminds me of Fenty & # 39; s Gloss Bomb, the best.

After only a month, I realize that I want to be exclusive – the only make-up I actually was wear were you. It's not that you're something revolutionary, but your textures feel good, your colors are the best, and you're just really solid makeup. I wish I could see even more of you: doubles – triplets – of all the lipsticks to keep in every bag I own; & # 39; a blush to give to my mother, who is asked every time I saw her recently for any shade I put on; lip oil to give as gifts. Maybe it makes me boring, but it also makes me a person who actually wears makeup and doesn't just keep it in her bathroom to open and look and never dress. I'm so glad I found you – just in time for the cuff season.


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