Rebecca Rittenhouse On The Best Dark Circle Cream

& # 39; I think I was five years old when I first said I was going to become an actress. My dad and I always saw movies growing up –Roman holiday, High society, To catch a thief– and there was something about his admiration for the films that made me want to participate. But & # 39; a manager who wanted to represent me in high school told me to lose 15 pounds. I enjoyed cheeseburgers too much to do so, and besides, education was also very important in my family, and at that point I thought I should go a more normal route in life. So I am a college student in Penn studying romance languages ​​- Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French.

My senior year of college consisted of many job interviews – I had an interview with BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Macy's management program, and the one I did the most with was the accelerated management program for AB INBev, which Anheuser is -Busch. I reached the final interview round, which was a group interview with five candidates and five top guys in the business. I mentioned that I like acting, and then one of the interviewers said, & # 39; How do we know you are not acting now? I don't think you're making beer with a lot of guys. & # 39; Verbatim he told me. I told myself that if I didn't get the job, I would go to acting school. I then started applying after they did not employ me, and eventually went to the Atlantic in New York.

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After two years of acting, I found an agent and discussed my first job – a two-minute thing in the pilot episode of The Affair. The other task I got at the same time was as an "understanding" of a play by Amanda Peet called The Commons of Pensacola. It was a very different experience to be harassed – not something I would ever do again – but really valuable, especially since I had to work close to Sarah Jessica Parker and Blythe Danner.

I moved to Atlanta for Red Band Society, moved to Utah for Blood and oil, and then I started working The Mindy Project. The Mindy Project was when I started to feel like I was in a groove. I didn't expect to be there for a long time – I thought I would go on for three episodes, and then there's more. I like comedy because it's a very challenging experience. on The Mindy Project I played a very icy WASP, and I had an ice blonde bob that was very straight. on Four weddings and a funeral, my character Ainsley was a lot extra. She always wore it something– like she would be at home in & # 39; pajamas, & # 39; headscarf, & # 39; mantle skirt and fantastic slippers. Every day was something different. We played with lots of color, electric blue eyeliner, bright lips. I had never really thought about using so much color on my eyes before the program, but I was completely inspired and doing it all the time.

I mentioned that I like acting, and then one of the interviewers said, & # 39; How do we know you are not acting now? I don't think you're making beer with a lot of guys. & # 39; Verbatim he told me.

I get my hair dyed by Brittany King at Mare in LA. She's great, but she's just moved to London for a year. Alex Polillo, who owns Mare, cuts my hair. Now that it's long, I get it two to three times a year – when it was short, I had to cut it all the time. My hair destroyed when I dyed it red a few years ago, and now that it's healthy, I try not to put too much heat on it. I love this shampoo and conditioner called Inphenom – it's probably my favorite. I think it's Japanese. I usually do coconut oil as a hair mask. I let the air get very dry. I like the Oribe Apres Beach Wave spray and the dry texture spray. I like It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In – it gives it moisture. For styling, I use a 1-inch magic wand and curl it, or I do another type of wave with me straight, which is more a mermaid wave. Alex taught me how to do it with a straightener, which is the easiest because you can do parts and it looks undone and cool and easy.

I always wash my face twice a day, every day. I like Bioderma best when removing my makeup, and I like Glossier's Milky Jelly in the morning because it's really soft, or sometimes I use Fresh & # 39; s Soy Cleanser. If I have just worked out, I like a sea prince, like a Clinique. I always do some kind of Joanna Vargas serum afterwards. At night, I use an oily label – the Daily Serum, Rescue Serum, Supernova Retinol Serum – or the Rejuvenating Serum, which I love. These are basically essential oils. I don't use retinol regularly, maybe & # 39; several times a week, because I don't want my skin to turn around too much, because I'm generally happy with the texture.

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Then I moisturize – I really like the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. I wear a lot of sunscreen – like reapplying things every 80 minutes. Love the Glossier Invisible Shield. My favorite for body is Hawaiian Tropic, but I have to stop using it because my friend told me that it is toxic and not reef-free. It's hard because the scent is really nostalgic for me. But Avene, Coola and Elta MD all have very nice sunscreens.

The best soft cream I have ever used is Grown Alchemist's Blemish Treatment Gel. I bought it when I went to a wedding in Canada, and I was so angry that it was so expensive, but then it worked so well! I'm also obsessed with the Vanderohe serum, which is an oil serum. It is completely natural and the smell of it is amazing. The idea is that you put it in your hands first and smell it, like aromatherapy, and then light it. It's lovely, I take it with me on the plane. When I talk about airplanes, I put Jet Lag on when I fly – I'm obsessed with it.

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AluminEye cream is amazing – instant clarity and less fine lines. The annoying thing is that it's hard to buy; you have to go through a professional. I bought it from the face of Lisa Franklin when I was in London. I have Jillian Dempsey’s Gill Sculpting Bar, which is something I use after putting on all my lotions and concoctions. It's covered in gold, and you can't use it when you're wearing makeup because the makeup dissolves the gold. Maybe it's a gimmick, but I feel that it gets rid of any puffiness, and it also lets the blood flow to your face. If you have very early mornings as an actor, it helps.

I got Cynthia Franco in West Hollywood for facial. She switched me to the line called EMK, with this gel called Beam Eye and it gets really bright and blurry – I use it all the time on set at 5am to wake my face. Cynthia does LED light therapy, peeling, and micro-current. I will bring my dog, and he will sit on top of me while I face. He's actually not that small – he's 18 pounds, but when I'm at the top of the table, he has to be on top of me.

Makeup starts with Unseen Sunscreen – it's a very good base. Then the Luminous Silk Foundation of Giorgio Armani. I used to wear Smashbox BB Water earlier, and I loved it because it was so light, but they stopped it. Now I mix two of the Giorgio Armani colors, along with a # Nars lighter. I apply it with a flat brush in my skin, and it makes this very beautiful, lustrous look. Then I have Glossier Cloud Paint in every color.

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During the day I usually wear Lash Slick mascara and Lidstar Cub. Cub is best – it gives you something without overdoing it. My favorite mascara at night is Buxom, and then Climax from Nars. The Nars are if I want a big thin lash, and the Buxom makes them really tall, but separates them. Eyebrows – I don't pick them except for my unrow. I comb them upright and sit with Surratt pomade. It's white so you can't build on it, and then I fill in the dots with a MAC pencil. And because of Four weddings and a funeral, I love fun eye shadows. The Huda palettes, and then ash gray moonlight from Nars.

& # 39; One thing I'm dealing with is big, dark subcircuits. My secret weapon is Becca's Eye Eye Breaking Corrector – if you have dark circles, this is the jam. That and Laura Mercier's secret enlightening powder for minors. Magic. I've noticed that, if I don't have coffee or chocolate, the dark circles get lighter, but I can't live without coffee or chocolate, so I use the Becca and the gloss powder.

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My favorite concealer is the Nars creamy stick, and my favorite bronzer is from Laura Mercier. I use it very sparingly because it is quite strong. I layer it with the Glossier Cloud Paint, and sometimes, honestly, I use lipstick as blush. Bitch perfect from Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorites, it's like & # 39; coral nude. Pillowtalk, Red carpet red, and Coachella Coral is also good.

Although my nails are now a disaster, I usually do something for them. In LA, I go to Gloss in Silver Lake, and I also like Marie Nails. It is a Japanese salon and uses cal gel. I do this SNS powder, which is a dipping powder. It's kind of gel without the UFS. I love almost black, and sometimes I like & # 39; reds – Essie's evil or OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. & # 39; Another one I like is Topless and barefoot.

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I'm very clumsy. & # 39; A few weeks ago on vacation, I slipped and fell off the stairs. I thought to myself, & # 39; Ah, this is normal. & # 39; I had a large bruise along my tailbone. Great. But I packed Arnica, because you know yourself. It really works! As for the body moisturizer, my Epicuren Kukui Coconut is my favorite. It's expensive, but worth it. I like the Creme de Corps Kiehl, which is also expensive, but the Epiciren one is more soft and spread. The Kiehl's are good for winter, if you have dry skin and really need to soak it up. The Epicures do the same thing, but it's still light and you can put on your pants, you know what I mean? & # 39;

– as told to ITG

Rebecca Rittenhouse photographed by Tom Newton in New York, July 10, 2019.

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