The best beauty products, all made by women

For the month of October, Jennifer DaSilva promised to wear only products from women-covered brands – clothes, shoes, make-up, to name a few. & # 39; There really is no better way to show my support than through my own wallet, & # 39; she tells me by email. Extreme? Yes of course. But according to DaSilva's example, it's also entirely possible – although she says it was harder than expected. “The most difficult part of the challenge was the search process. I found that I trusted Google a lot, ”she explains. This alone was quite surprising, as DaSilva is the president of Berlin Cameron, a creative advertising agency with a division specifically dedicated to supporting women founders with brands and content. And then there is the other hurdle she encountered: & # 39; Many of the businesses I bought from are smaller brands, & # 39; says DaSilva, & # 39; which also means & # 39; a higher price. & # 39;

It made me wonder: how difficult would it be to just change my beauty routine to women-based brands? I mean, we work here at Glossier HQ. It seemed like it would be easy to find things that I love in each category. But when I started to create my own product list, I saw gaps in body care, hair care and oral care … and the latter let me completely abandon it. It also got a bit hairy when it comes to defining brands for women. For example, Fenty is manufactured by the Kendo division of LVMH, and a number of prominent brands are fueled by investors, who hold a certain stake. For the sake of my experiment, I decided to include these types of brands as well.

At the end of a wormhole of research, my female foundation looks like it.


To buy women-based skincare, I was just the pick of the many aestheticians we had on ITG – Shani Darden, Renée Rouleau, and so many others who knew their skin well. I managed to keep my routine pretty much the same: & # 39; soft detergent, AHA & # 39; s & BHA & # 39; s, highly targeted serums and moisturizers.


& # 39; There are so many wonderful makeup brands owned by women, & # 39; says DaSilva, and she's right – many artist lines are founded by women (think Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury), and women also take up considerable space for the clean makeup landscape. My perfect make-up recipe features a light coating with the build-up, warmed cheeks and a not-too-picky lip – I found many wonderful options.


Hair and body were the hardest category to buy, mostly because I rely mostly on drugstore products – especially for things I use very quickly, such as body oil and shower gel. And while it is definitely more than I would normally spend, the quality of my experience was what I got. Take the Kate McLeod stone – it's easy to travel and use without making a mess, and a great example of how products are made for women door women are often more attuned to what we really want. I look forward to more innovation by women in this category in the future.

This is my work – what about yours? Share it in the comments, and then use this message as a resource next time you want to shop around and support women-founded brands. Even one product at a time is a great place to start.

—Ali Oshinsky

Photo via ITG

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