The best cosmetics are in your children's home

There probably are someone out there watching a bag as they go home thanksgiving – but between the airport traffic and inevitable delays, who has time to wait for the baggage claim? That's why we put our TSA-approved 3-1-1 & # 39; s in a clear plastic bag and tell the hail Mary there will be something –anything– To use on our faces when we get home. & # 39; Getting ready for our teens (and teen beauty routine) is not the worst thing in the world. Actually, you may be reminded that the cleaner you swore in high school is real is so good. Or maybe your mom has another thing or two to teach you for all your beauty. This weekend we will drown our beauty routines under the sinks of our children's homes – here's what we're going to use.

& # 39; A consistent philosophy

& # 39; Every time I go home, I pack really well for my mom (Philosophy & # 39; s Amazing Grace, & # 39; a kind of eye cream, no doubt, hair-treated hair), but nothing for not me. No space. You won't catch me in the air. checked luggage fees. Besides, my parents always have the good stuff anyway. There is Dove body wash to clean with and Vaseline's Cocoa Butter lotion so I don't give myself the only possible thing to be ashamed of at home: ash. purify with the purity of philosophy, because that is what my mother has (his really like Philosophy), and battling with Philosophy & # 39; s Miracle Worker at SPF because of her aforementioned obsession, I mean affinity. If I have to wash my hair, I use everything my mom left on my last trip. It's always a color enhancing product that makes me wonder about the scalp: will my dark brown look look browner when i'm done? But no, always the same. Half the time I just leave the conditioner in my hair for the duration of the trip – this is not the time I have to go glam. The same reason is why I don't struggle with makeup either. I mean, it's my parents. Trust me they saw worse. & # 39; —Ashley Weatherford

The surprising skincare upgrade

& # 39; It & # 39; s a little chicken & egg situation: has my family ended up in skincare because I'm a beauty editor, or was I skincare because everyone in my family is now? With my brothers, I think the interest was organic: they both struggled with teenage acne (blame all the hormones!) And have robust routines to show for it. While asleep … like until noon … I use the Kiehl's Calendula toner, Sunday Riley UFO, Neutrogena Hydro Boost and sometimes, if I'm lucky, go face to face in their bathroom. My mother, on the other hand, is a skincare sample of my own device. From her, I steal & # 39; a round of cotton from the P50 and & # 39; some foul-smelling Biologique Recherche serums that she says & # 39; are too young for & # 39; – elastin, placenta … You know things that really make my dad die. Maybe I even hit a small Masque Vivant while watching TLC in the living room. The world is my Rescue Spa! All of this is to say: I don't bring any skincare to myself when I go home. And anyway, just being in the Miami humidity, and taking a dip or two in the ocean makes me feel right. I do bring make-up, however, when I inevitably encounter the Jewish mothers of boys I dated when I was 17 years old, will I ever grow out of the loving love of being told that I am beautiful and that their sons are crazy? Probably not. & # 39; —Ali Oshinsky

Old school and still it

& # 39; When I go home for breaks, the 90 percent chance is that I will forget one of my hair products I use for braids. to the drugstore and pick up something from Shea Moisture to get me over, but I'm still putting in! And I spotted a good Blue Magic Conditioner in the bathroom cabinet that I share with three of my siblings. A natural phrase was a phrase, and years before @ Naptural85 showed me the way to style with shea butter and natural oils, my grandmother, mother and older sister would apply this transparent blue hair dress in my strands after I washed, and just before drying. The blow drying process was not the most pleasant for my scalp with a soft head, but I always loved how soft and stretched my hair was when we finished. Fast forward to almost a decade later, and it's still good for braids. I really like the hold it gives, and I especially like how it prevents my hair from buzzing earlier than I wanted. Not bad at all for a hair grease. & # 39; —Utibe Mbagwu

Ease is the most important approach

"No one in my family is much better than what we now think of as & # 39; skincare & # 39; but there are & # 39; some staples that I always rely on when I go home for the holidays. I am very lazy to wash my hair and my dad always has Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 dandruff control I prefer! Do it in two steps, plus protect my scalp.My mom always used baby oil after the shower, and as I'm not experimenting with Kate McCleod's Daily Stone and have some time to drop oil, I use oil directly after the shower and sit down in my towel and stare at my phone like every other millennial monster. was also by digging into my mother's insignificance that I found her Laneige BB Cushion foundation, which I immediately took (she told me I can! that's what moms do!) and continued religiously I also tend to send the PJ's and clothes off my mom – she has a wonderful cache of soft, gray stuff and I feel as comfortable as possible equal to the maximum melting of the bank. "—Le Chernikoff

The full regression

"The house reminds me of three things: chain restaurants, shopping malls with my mom, and my secret weapon in high school skincare Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. The suburbs call for & # 39; a reliable and reliable face wash, especially since I refuse & # 39: The Neutrogena oil-free acne laundry is cheap so you can indulge in one at the local Target if no one is home, and it never breaks my mind with all the travel, and fits in well with my usual skincare routine. Just thinking about the orange formula in the clear bottle is nostalgic for my suburban bathroom. I tried to match my mom's skincare routine with fancy purchases, but she always seems to go back to a classic like Neutrogena's face wash and moisturizer. That's the kind of wisdom that comes from years of practice. I'm not complaining, I'm looking forward to stealing something soon. & # 39; —Chloe Hall

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