The most comfortable, beautiful lingerie

I didn't know that cotton lingerie could feel so luxurious! This brand was enthusiastically recommended to me by & # 39; another member of the Glossier team, and she wasn't wrong. So first & # 39; a bit about the brand.

Lake Jane is a very small brand that is constantly being designed and manufactured in the USA (mostly in North Carolina) by Katherine Hanes (no connection to her competitors of the same name!). Hanes told me she decided to start the line after she & # 39; black pure cotton underwear & # 39; had. & # 39; The choices, she said, were either & # 39; Gap, where they were always (in her) size in the simple colors and cuts. , awkward dimensions and questionable dyes from Target, or $ 80 sweaters from Switzerland. And that's why she made her own, in classic styles and cuts with cotton from local factories in her hometown of North Carolina. "I like to think and inspire my customers to think about clothes the same way we think about food, and that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into it," Hanes says about her choice to use and find local cotton, note its breathability and recyclability.

In addition to all the good values ​​that Lake Jane stands for, the undies stood out from every other pair I tried for their comfort and style. The thought that Hanes puts into this line is evident when you light a few. At the same time, they feel sturdy and so soft, classic and special. It's not for the faint of high because it will push your belly button, but they feel like a nice hug. The leg is not cut in French, so the style is not as elongated as some of the others, but there is something more attractive about the look. If you are concerned about visible panty lines or wearing pants that do NOT have a high rise, you may not want to wear something like that between sometimes a shirt and & # 39; not a panty look.

Lake Jane, high waist, $ 32. Sweater of 3.1 Phillip Lim, bra stylist's.

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