The secret to a wearable red lip is actually a blush

The look is an effortless red lip – you know, one that you just throw on a bare face to instantly feel chic. But, even though a red skin with bare skin looks a lot in theory, in practice, it can often emphasize the rudeness or slowness in your face. Blush is what you need to make it more bearable and habitable. Not an old blush, but a blush that you wear with a red lipstick should complement it without competing your attention. Makeup artists understand how to do it better than anyone else. We talked to four of them and learned four different techniques for pout pairs. Choose the right blush, and open a new dimension of your favorite red lipstick. Choose the approach that speaks to you.

The neutral bronze-y approach

The closest to natural, bare skin

& # 39; If the red lipstick is matte and very pigmented, I like to go with & # 39; a bronze-y cream blush – something that gives a natural color to the skin without competing with the lip . I loved the Nudestix Nudie Bronze-Matte Creams Sunkissed and Bondi Bae. The Nars Matte multiples are also wonderful –Vientiane, Altai, and for deeper skin tones Cappadoce. ”—Moises Ramirez

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The one that matches your skin tone

For make-up professionals at home

“The best blush to use when wearing red lipstick is something with undertones that match your skin tone. Think pinkish tones for light to medium complexions, such as Glossier Cloud Paint twilight and beam or MAC Harmony. For medium to deep complexions, terracotta oranges look best; try Cloud Paint Dawn or MAC Ambering Rose. ”—Fatimot Isadare

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The Old School is safe

For everyone, even Jeanne Damas

& # 39; Do your mouth, but you just have to press one finger over it & # 39; pick up some lip color. Pick up the product on the back of your hand or between two fingers to break down the pigment & # 39; s the key. Gently and slowly add it to your cheeks, tap and mix. Keeping your fingers completely clean can also fuse the color better. It's a little old school, but I do it all the time and it almost always works. The skin is thinner in both areas, so it makes sense visually that it should have similar colors. & # 39; —Juan Year

& # 39; N Berry Sheer Take

& # 39; A red blue color looks like & # 39; natural light

& # 39; My favorite pairing for red lips uses the same shade that is on your lip, rubbed with a finger and blended with the finger on the cheeks. A red lipstick with a blue undertone is specifically conceived as a versatile, almost neutral berry when it subsides. It is the most infallible way to have flattering harmony without having to consider shades. A great product for this is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Slim Matte Lipstick Rouge Extravagant. ”—Shayna Goldberg

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