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The ongoing joke about Target is less of a joke and more of an acknowledgment of reality – if you only go shopping for one thing (you swear!), you are almost certain to go home with many more. This is called the Goal effect; & # 39; a phrase recognized by psychologists and directly perceived by ITG staff. Because when we all traveled there last month, we left with a number of items – far more than we could possibly use. Although our impulse returns were largely purchased for the sake of vanity, they were certainly not made in vain. With extra items to test and evaluate, it was easier for us to determine which products we liked best and which we would buy again. I know you want to know what they are; let's get to it.


& # 39; OK, so you can get it at Target, but you can get it at other drugstores too – it's just important to me that you know it exists. The internet says it's a price for the much-loved IT Cosmetics CC Cream, but there are big differences: the CC cream is very thick and fluffy, while Maybelline's is more fluid. It feels lighter on my skin, and dries to a non-matte, not-quite-dewy finish. Use a few drops and it will act like a tinted moisturizer, or more if you need more. There are 16 shades, and I adjust myself well enough to just the screen so I can wear it where I want cover (my chin and under cheeks). I love it just like the expensive tinted moisturizers I own, and it's less than $ 20. It's a great place to start if you're looking for an easy daily cover. & # 39;

& # 39; Do you remember when Kristin Ess ran a beauty blog with longtime client Lauren Conrad? I do – that's how she came up on my radar when I was a small adolescent. Ess has an eponymous hair care line available exclusively at Target, and it's really all good. The texture spray and moisturizing mask is striking, but the Micellar Shampoo is the latest to solve a major hair problem for me. What was: the last few months I really couldn't find a shampoo that I liked. Expensive, French, treating … I take them home and am disappointed. This target one actually clean my hair, smell good and look good in my shower. & # 39; A Winner Around. "

& # 39; I'm not going to sit here and explain the week of the horror of the skin that is Baby Foot. You already know that. But I will say that your feet will never look better or feel softer, and as they fall, your disgusting snake feet can be safely hidden in socks and boots as they … melt. Did I mention that your feet will never look better? & # 39;

—Ali Oshinsky


& # 39; Every time I talk to someone who wants to get on the retinoid train, they always ask two questions: 1) When is the best age to use retinoids and 2) What do I start with? For the first question I say ASAP !! (with your dermatologist's permission, of course.) For the latter question, I say Differin every time. This is the OG, the first retinoid available on prescriptions. Expect less acne, faded dark marks, and reduced inflammation. There are even more benefits that you can read here. "

& # 39; I'm not here to say that Milani's Baked Blush is in Luminoso is a close-up of NARS blush orgasm. But I will say that the coral-rose-purple-pink shade that fuses in a rosy gold will leave your cheeks satisfied – even excited – especially for those who already love Nars orgasm. Beautiful on the apples on the cheeks, but also when you extend the application to the & # 39; C & # 39; circumference of your eyes, above the cheekbone. & # 39;

—Utibe Mbagwu


& # 39; There are maybe three good brush marks; Sonia Kashuk is one of them. What makes the hair especially appealing is the price. I mean, you can find cheap brush brushes everywhere, and they are literally given away with some makeup. But a quality affordable brush? Incredibly rare. What I particularly like about this brush is that it picks up and deposits pigment so well – I hate it when I feel like I'm dragging my make-up all over my face, which is the surest method of fire to master foundation and concealer. . The so-secret sauce of Kashuk is that each brush is tightly packed with hair, and that they are never too long or too short, so that the hair does not bend uncomfortably or aggressively stick to my skin. Of course, there are even more affordable brushes from other brands for sale, but for some satisfaction it is no better than this one. & # 39;

& # 39; Why should matte lipsticks be so … hard? So many of them go the extra mile of moderation, and while it can sometimes be good for me, what I really want is something with a little more – especially when we go to dry lips season. Call me biased, but I think Gen G does it best. NYX's soft matte lip cream is a slightly different experience and texture (it's also more pigmented), but it eventually comes to my heart in my matte lipstick cravings. All the nude shades are exceptional (nothing is too pale or gray), and Milan is what I went for when I felt more adventurous. The pink doesn't sand, but it's still pink enough to break up my nude look every now and then. & # 39; An appetizer pink, if you like. & # 39;

—Ashley Weatherford


& # 39; I was on a mission during our group trip to Target. I had planned to pull out my box braids over the weekend and had to equip myself with the right tools. Removing more than fifty braids in my head is a very difficult thing to accomplish. I need to lock in for about five to six hours and get used to raising my hands above my head for the long haul. (In my humble opinion, this is a physical achievement that deserves a category in the Olympics.)

The only thing that makes the process move faster is to invest in a good conditioner to add a bit of glitch to the unraveling process. I grabbed Aussie's conditioner to help me create an easy slip while working my entire head. My pro tip is to apply the conditioner to your fingertips before you are scared, so you can work quickly and add some moisture to your hair. Aussie's conditioner is best for this because of the creamy texture that never becomes sticky or cakey. It's also very cheap, so I don't feel bad about buying a new conditioner and using just a quarter of it. Braids are out and I am forever grateful to Aussie. "

& # 39; Wait, I haven't finished talking braids yet! After removing my braids, I always want to give my hair extra love. I try to leave my natural hair as long as possible to breathe it and get some sun. Once I take out every last braid, I pack a scalp treatment and a hair mask. This one from Cantu is a classic. It is truly a scalp saver. I love to take the treatment and zoning it out while watching hours of hard braiding on the real TV.

—Chloe Hall

Photos via ITG (except for that glamorous Chanel one – that's all Getty). For more shopping tour ideas, check out everything we've bought and loved at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

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