What does your face style say about you?

As the first step in a very extensive routine, cleaning often feels tedious. Basic. Obvious. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have your own face wash style; even a non-cleaning routine is a skin care decision in itself. & # 39; One only needs to read some top shelves to see how approaches to cleaning can differ. And who should say what the right way to clean is anyway? Instead, we organized nine different methods into an alignment that included everyone. How did you wash your face? Find yourself below.

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& # 39; I don't think I ever went to bed without taking off my makeup – consistent cleansing is my religion. My mom always said, & # 39; If you don't clean your skin once, you will age by seven days. & # 39; "

There is no booze strong enough, no working day long enough, and no comforter enough to comfort you. You will wash your face if your apartment building had a drill late at night. You probably still wash it when it's there was a fire. Seriously, cleaning is important for you – actually the most important step in your whole skincare routine. And so you like a buffet of detergents only, don't skip a morning or night, and take a full moment to massage it in and take everything seriously into account and urgency of a professional bomb distributor. On the other hand, the more effort you make to clean, the more you can reap the benefits of it. It's all clear air and skin for you, butter head.

& # 39; I wash my face every morning with the same detergent as at night. & # 39;

You consistently clean, but don't think about it. Yes, it is important. Yes, you do this every morning and night without skipping a day. But do you particularly care what detergent you use, or how long do you take to massage it into your skin? Probably not. All that matters is that you've done the job – you don't have to talk about it.

& # 39; I need to take multiple steps to cleanse – & # 39; a triple cleanser that doesn't strip my skin. & # 39;

Cleaner? Good! Two cleaners? Great. Three cleaners? Well, sure! Hey, you do it. Maybe the first step is a micellar water, then a balm, then a foam or the configuration looks like an oil, then a milky gel, than Collosol? Whatever it is for you, you have clearly convinced yourself that you need three passes of a detergent to get a squeaky, free skin, and no one is going to convince you otherwise. At least you are careful not to strip your skin! Your heart is definitely in the right place.

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& # 39; I never sleep with my makeup. My favorite detergent is from CeraVe and Cetaphil. "

You get all your skincare advice from your dermatologist, and predictably, your dermatologist suggested that you go to the drug store and buy CeraVe or Cetaphil. These are the classic recommendations for bowels because they are soft, simple and inexpensive (so you have no reason not to purify). Maybe you started this routine after a round of Accutane. Or maybe you like vanilla milkshakes too.

& # 39; I was not my face in the morning. Instead, I will wipe it with micellar water and splash on some water. & # 39;

Nothing fancy, but nothing either. The fluid that is loved internationally because it is literally a neutral alternative to hard water is the purification decision that says, "Cleansing is cool, but splashing my face with water when I prefer to sleep is no. & # 39; Everyone loves mickle water. If it was bingo and not a moral alignment card, micellar water would be your free square. It's also pretty ambiguous – is it a makeup remover? & # 39; A Cleaner? & # 39; N Toner? And wait, is this bingo?

& # 39; I start with my makeup, because I'm usually too lazy to do it at night. I would use either Burt's Beef wipes or RMS coconut wipes, which is better when there is a lot of makeup. & # 39;

you mean well, you really do. But the fact is that sometimes you are tired or lazy, or that you go to bed just to watch an episode of Succession and ending PTFO at the first commercial break, smoky eye still in tact. The quickest way to correct the situation when you wake up at night is to make a make-up. See? Everything clean, just like new. No traces of sleeping even in your make-up … except for the pillowcase.

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& # 39; I've always seen this very conservative German dermatologist, and she says not to wash your face with anything other than water. & # 39;

Have you ever heard the phrase “do less”? This is usually said by nonsensical charms and natural performers who seem to float effortlessly through the world, well. If you wash your face only with water, you probably have incredible skin to begin with. Why do you have an extensive skincare routine if your skin looks beautiful without one? You have probably even convinced yourself that it is worth using natural oils from your skin worse. What are you doing on this site? Did a friend send you this link?

"My skincare routine is the type of thing where I sometimes use face wash, or sometimes use hand soap."

The Jekyll and Hyde of skincare routines. The Russian roulette of skincare routines. & # 39; A skincare routine, if it was conceived by the Joker as a torture device for skincare enthusiasts. Of course, 50 percent of the time you wash your face with face wash. As one does. But the other half of the time you use everything there is – hand soap, shampoo, body wash, bar soap, everything you use to wash your dog. Usually it turns out to be good? You would rather clean than not clean, which is why you wear a neutral skin impact.

& # 39; I sleep in my makeup. At night I take everything off my face and moisturize – because you need to breathe your skin a bit – but then I'll sit back. & # 39;

AhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhh !!!! The cleaning routine of the top shelves burns in everyone who reads it. Is this your cleaning style? Hello there, Charlotte. It can't be anyone else but you.

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