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"Hi! I'm Natalia Chavarín-Velazco. You may already know me about my posts on Into The Gloss: The Group. I was born and raised in Mexico, but have just moved to Paris! It's super exciting. Here I help foreign students to join this beautiful city by helping them find living spaces, helping with paperwork, and immersing themselves in Parisian culture, I first came here as a student, so it's really exciting for me to be foreign students help that was in the same position I was in.

My surroundings are my most important beauty influences. When I was very young, my mother and sister suggested my self-care as a way to connect with us. My fondest memories include spa nights with them. My mom has always been a very busy woman, but she always liked to make time for us in that intimate way. She gives us massages, manicures and pedicures and concludes the night with a face mask. I would always look forward to those evenings together. She has instilled in us the importance of self-care, which is something I am very grateful for.

My approach to beauty is very simple. I have dry, sensitive skin, and my main focus is to keep it hydrated. And once I find a product that my skin loves, I stay loyal. However, the pharmacies in Paris are incredible, and since I moved here, I like to go to them and buy very well. One of the most important products I use is Bioderma's Micellar Water. I love it because it cleanses my skin without drying it. I also like that it is so easy to use, very practical. & # 39; Another product that helps with extra hydration if too cold is A-derma & # 39; s Repairing Cream. I started using it after an allergic reaction to a product and now I always keep it in my closet. It is very thick and extra moisturizing. And I always have a jar of Vaseline and sugar on hand to scrub my lips when it's dry or need a little boost.

When it comes to make-up, I believe that less is more – I keep things simple and natural. I don't really wear foundation, rather use a concealer where I need it. I really like Glossier's Stretch Concealer because of its creamy and moisturizing consistency. For blush, I like to use the Cloud Paint in Glossier twilight—I like the brownish tone. In general, I almost never use brushes, so any cream-based makeup product that I can apply with my fingers is a victory for me.

I have very long lashes, but they are straight, so curling my lashes is a very important step for me – it opens my eyes. After they are curled, I use L'Oreal's Telescopic Mascara – I like how it makes my lashes look very long and natural without putting them together. I like Nars for lips Dolce Vita and Cruella. Dolce Vita is a beautiful light and natural color that I use from day to day. My lips are pretty pale, and this color gives them the color I wanted. I also like to use Cruella if I want a bold lip. What I like about these lipsticks is that they are not dry even though they are matte. The formula is velvety on my lips.

I used to wash my hair every day and just start changing it as it starts to fall out. It is a slow process, but I have kept myself informed on the subject and I think I have it under control. Now I wash it twice or three times a week with Klorane's Shampooing à la Capucine for dandruff, and I really massage my scalp to make sure it is very clean and free of hair products. I even bought a scalp brush to go really deep, and as a bonus, it's like a nice massage. On days that I haven't been, I use Klorane's Ultra Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk for brown hair. It works really well for my hair, and I like that it has a brownish color so it's easier to blend. And twice in the winter I put olive oil in front of my bed on the scalp and wash it out in the morning. It feels incredible and makes your hair look beautiful. I learned it from my mother. "

– as told to ITG

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