YouTuber Christine Nguyen As she embraces her grins

"Hi! It's me, Christine (@chrissstttiiine), writing from & # 39; a small hill in northeast Los Angeles. My work is mainly YouTube, which is crazy; I only use it for school projects upload, but stumbled upon and fell in love with the beauty community. In the beginning, there were so many topics no one talks about, so I tried to fill the gaps by doing research and talking about it myself. a decade later, I'm still defeated by this platform and the community, but if I don't explore the latest beauty trends, you'll probably be working at the ceramics studio … on my arms and abs.

If it wasn't on YouTube, I think my view on beauty might be a little less adventurous. Less glitter, more concealer. I was & # 39; strongly advocating natural beauty – not natural as in & # 39; clean & # 39; not, but of course like the kind of make-up that looks like you're not wearing. After I turned 30, hell broke loose. I love the 80's make-up for color inspiration and the # 90's make-up for the sass. I remember about that time that I was obsessed with the glamorous blue Urban Decay eyeshadow of my older sister. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. The confidence that blue eyeshadows and my plucked eyebrows were priceless to me was invaluable – so glitter became an everyday thing.

Can you imagine what you would look like if I sprayed your face with Tatcha's Dewy Skin Mist, then grabbed a fist full of glitter and blew your way? This is how I like to wear my glitter. I want it to look as messy as possible. My old favorite was the Glossier Glitter Gelée fantasy (Ed note: discontinued), but now I use Smith & Cult's violet Glitter Shot in layer with the thick Lemonhead MELROSE. If I need something more subtle, even office-oriented, I'll put in the metal Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Rush. When I work backwards, I usually rotate my foundations, but Kosa's toned oil is at the top of my list. And Noto's Multi Benne in Ono Ono is another staple – it's not a natural shade, but it looks natural on my face, you know? Sephora's Always red is more distracting. If I try to divert your eyes from a huge hormonal look to my face, I'll wear one. It works like a magic.

Skincare is where I'm not a loyalist. I'll try anything and everything, and actually I have to. Certain products or ingredients will be hoisted for a moment until the next big thing comes and resets the cycle. I'm a geek at heart and love researching what's new; I would say that my work is 70 percent research. And in the name of research, I test some products and then give them to my friends and family so I can move on to something else. Right now I was using the entire Moon Juice line – don't you know they made skincare? Groundbreaking. These are four steps (detergent, acid exfoliation, serum and moisturizer), which is six less than my usual MO. It's been about a month and a half and I've seen a significant difference in my fine lines. The acid seems to work.

People often ask me how I feel with people who color their grays, and to be completely transparent, I don't give a fly. Do whatever you feel good about. I personally have a lot of gray hair. It is mostly concentrated at the top of my head, so I recently thought it would be a good idea to bleach a few strands at the bottom to blend it. It is honestly that maintenance is made much more difficult. I use a special shampoo and conditioner from Celeb Luxury to keep the buyer in check, but if anyone has a better suggestion, come to me! I want to be completely gray soon, but I don't see it happening.

When I'm experiencing a stressful day, I'll play with makeup, even if I have nowhere to be. For me, it's another form of creative exercise and self-love. But what I love most about beauty is that it is truly the great equalizer. If I like someone's eye shadow, I'll let them know; all of a sudden we have a band – a sister hood, some would say. & # 39;

– as told to ITG

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