16 delicious rosé wines under 30 USD

With a remaining month in the summer we are now fully prepared for our # hotgirlsummer style. Sunday brunches are outside, clothes are shorter, the days are longer and the wine is lighter. Yes, it's the rose season and we're starting the month of August with choosing our favorite bottles under US $ 30. We've talked to some industry professionals who are familiar with Vinos to get information about the pink drink of the summer.

Columbia Valley Rosé 2018

Pretty, pale, pink color and bright aroma define this 2018 Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Rosé. With every refreshing sip you can taste the aromas of watermelon, raspberry, strawberry and citrus fruits. @chateaustemichelle

2018 Columbia Valley Rosé, $ 15; ste-michelle.com

Macari Rosé 2018

Kristin Tice Studeman is one of the founders of The Rose Project, a dinner experience that focuses on highlighting rosé instead of putting it in the background, as most restaurants do. We asked her which of her favorite affordable rosé wines are straight and this Macari 2018 made the cut. It is dry, delicious and smells of raspberries, watermelon and strawberries.

2018 Macari Rosé, 23 USD; macariwines.com

Fleurs de Prairie Vintage 2018

"Provence is undoubtedly the motherland of Rosé," says Studeman. Try this 2018 Vintage Fleurs de Prairie. This French rosé translates to "wildflower" and picks up notes of crunchy lavender, rose petals, strawberries and herbs, creating a refreshing, bubbly taste. @fleursdeprairie

2018 Vintage Fleurs de Prairie, 22 USD; fleursdeprairie.com

A table !!! Rose 2016

Justin Chearno, Wine Director and Partner at Four Horsemen, Brooklyn, New York, says this 100% Malbec "is a bit darker than a typical rosé. It has a great acidity and is a little fuller than most. Every year we order it on special order from the winegrower in Magnums. "I like your style, sir.

2016 A table !!! Rosé, 17 US dollars; masdelperie.com

Jolie Folle Rosé 2018

Jolie Folle means "crazy beautiful" and that's exactly what costs $ 17 for a liter. With a mix of strawberries, watermelons and white-fleshed fruit, this will take a summer's day in the park.

Jolie Folle Rosé, $ 17; taylorswineshop.com

Yes Way Rosé 2017

The founders Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir created Yes Way Rosé with the intention of producing an easily pronounced French rosé. According to Erica, Rosé "should be refreshing and ask for another drink. Yes Way Rosé definitely falls into this genus with notes of white peach, strawberry, citrus and a hint of spice. "Nikki believes," one of the best qualities of rosé is its versatility. It goes just as well with oysters as with a New York piece. "@Yeswayrose

2017 Yes Way Rosé, 13 USD; yeswayrose.com

The Palm of Whispering Angel 2017

The Palm of Whispering Angel is part of the Chateau d & # 39; Esclans family, which is known for older Grenache vines, which have a stronger flavor concentration than younger vines. The palm is a refreshing blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. With its pale pink color and a touch of green, this rose provides ultimate freshness.

2017 The Palm by Whispering Angel, 16 USD; esclans.com

Ruza Zinfandel Rosé 2017

Rosé is convenient in a can for lazy days by the pool. Created by two longtime friends, Ruza goes well with seafood, poultry and cheese. Brooke Matthias, the wine director of Winc, recommends "drinking Rose within a year of purchase." Whether you drink or mix chilled, "there's nothing like a summer's evening on the patio, surrounded by sweetheart and rose in hand! "

2017 Ruza Zinfandel Rosé, 15 USD; ruzawines.com

Luc Belaire Rare Rosé

Luc Belaire comes from the motherland of Rosé in Provence and embodies the perfect blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah – in bubbly shape! The balanced aromas of blackberries, blackcurrants, cherry blossoms and strawberries provide a crisp taste, which is unique for its Roséfreunde. @officialbelaireci

Luc Belaire Rare Rosé, $30; lucbelaire.com

Miravel Rosé 2017

Another Provence Rosé that you can add to your shopping list is Château Miravel 2017. This Rosé, harvested in the South of France, embodies the environment from which it was made. This wine absorbs aromas of spring flowers, acidity and fruits and quenches your summer thirst.

2017 Miravel Rosé, 22 USD; institutionwine.com

Babe rosé

Babe Rosé "is as good as the friends you drink it with, or as good as the Netflix show you drink alone," says the 140,000-strong company. From his engaging social media feed to the simple layout of his website, it's no wonder that Babe is led by the Internet sensation The Fat Jewish. The company prides itself on the fact that "Babe mates with literally everything – tacos, protein bars, huge, mediocre lunchtime salads in Popp-To-Go bowls." Anything! "@Drinkbabe

Baby Rose, $ 14; drinkbabe.net

Stolpman Vineyards Rosé of Grenache 2018

This organic, fun, fresh wine is the perfect rosé for a dinner party if you want to impress your guests. Stolpman Vineyards is not only committed to sustainability, but also great with any steak or salad. @stolpmanvineyards

2018 Rosé of Grenache by Stolpman Vineyards, 21 USD; stolpmanvineyards.com

California Rosé 2017 by One Hope

Of course, it feels good to buy a bottle of rosé, but it feels even better to know that part of that money is spent on a charitable organization. One Hope Wine donates part of its profits to various organizations that support education, health care, children and animals in need. This bottle of rosé is specifically designed to educate women about the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer. With a palate that blends blood orange, watermelon, strawberries and red cherries, this wine goes well with Chinese take-out, cranberry orange scones, salami and cheese.

2017 California Rosé by One Hope, 20 USD; onehopewine.com

Channé Rosé

This classic French rosé is "elegant, crisp, smooth, round and mineral" with hints of cherry, passion fruit, white flowers and apricot. It goes well with Mediterranean dishes, fresh oysters and shellfish, grilled white meats and ceviche. Imagine sitting by the sea with a glass of chané in one hand and a mouthful of seafood in the other. Well, that's the sky. @thechannerose

Channé Rosé, 21 dollars, channerose.com

Trés Chic Rosé 2018

Founder and owner Tawnya Falkner created this vintage mix of Grenache and Cinsault in 2018. The women-owned company launched Très Chic after Tawnya experienced a more attractive market that was to become a more modern, affordable and accessible Rosé line. For reasons of food friendliness, they recommend mild cheeses, spicy dishes, seafood and – my personal selling point – pizza.

2018 Trés Chic Rosé, 19; legrandcourtage.com

Lorenza Rosé 2018

Ashley Santoro, The Standard's New York City beverage manager, believes the best rosé contains "purity, structure and acidity". One of her favorites is currently the Lorenza vintage of 2018. It has a heavy perfume of meyer lemon, strawberry, cranberry and white peach that goes perfectly with "life, oysters and charcuterie". No rules, really, "says Santoro.

2018 Lorenza Rosé, 18 US dollars; lorenzwine.com

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