How do I deal with rejection?

Dear E. Jean: What is the best way to move past rejection, whether it be work rejection or romantic rejection? The conventional wisdom is to stay determined and & # 39; try, try again & # 39 ;, but I did it without any luck. What should I do?—Human repellent

Human, my Heliotrope: I know more about rejection than any advice column about my weight and age in America. I stood upright, chased away and blew my whole heart through my entire life. About 95 percent of the time, my stuff was rejected. Why so often? I don't swallow for a second. Instead of rolling on the floor, holding my head and swallowing, I would & # 39; have a positive flush like & # 39; Rejection makes me stronger & # 39; and & # 39; Rejection makes me smarter & # 39 ;, and try again. This is stupid. The key to turning a brush (professional or amateur) is to find out how to make a man's ass, and then draw up a plan to to avoid doing the same stupid things again. This is where the sulk comes in. & # 39; Such raises negative emotions. Negativity brings with it critical thinking. Critical thinking improves results. Do it, Miss Human!

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