I'm not interested in a long distance relationship

Dear E. Jean: I'm a 25-year-old marine biologist researching dolphins in Southern California. This past year I met a man and I fell in love a lot. (I didn't think I was capable!) He is extremely kind, generous, thoughtful, passionate, thoughtful, attractive, outdoorsy and adventurous. But he soon moved to Colorado to pursue his career in the Rocky Mountains. I'm glad he'll do what he loves, Miss Eeee, but I'm so sad to lose him! He feels the same about me. I'm not interested in a long-distance relationship – it seems unreasonable to connect with someone if we have no future plans to live in the same neighborhood. I am so frustrated by everything! He wants to be in the mountains, and my life is by the sea. What should we do? —Side pull in SoCal

Miss Side, My Luv: What are you talking about? Didn't you surprise yourself when you fell in love? Your exact words: & # 39; I didn't think I was capable of it! & # 39; And now you're so hip, so slick, so pointing to the ways of love that you wouldn't even consider your boyfriend's happiness? You refuse to try – repeat, try– & # 39; A six-month long distance relationship? Woman, pull yourself together and give it a whirl. I believe the Dolphins will support Aunt Eeee.

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