Is the Peloton tread worth the money?

Stepping on the Peloton stairs for the first time is like stepping on a spaceship – it's spacious, bright and futuristic. In front of you is a massive 32-inch HD touch screen that shows live classes where you can give your classmates virtually high fives and compete for ranks. So, a friendly, yet competitive spaceship.

I was plagued by & # 39; severe indecision and spent & # 39; several minutes exploring the various class options; Was I in the mood for something intense like & # 39; bootcamp & # 39; should I slowly start stretching, practicing circuitry or working on your endurance? For my first try, I decided on the ten minute warm-up. As soon as I picked the class, an instructor took her place front and center, and after a two-minute game over the course, I (literally) hit the ground running. I thought the treadmill would start by itself, but the instructor told me to speed up to 4.0 km / h and walk to 1 for easy jogging, which I did with the smooth dials that on the rails to my right and left. I expected the speed to change automatically as the class did, but was relieved when I realized it was still under my control.


One of the worst parts of being in a gym or holding a public class is the self-conscious fear of people judging you. But on the tread, in the privacy of your own home, there is no insight on screen viewers. However, your overall effort to tackle the course is calculated and placed in ranks, which is directly on a leaderboard for other runners. So if competition is your motivation (like me), it will still light a fire under your belly.

Something I always hate when walking on a treadmill is what I have to do with my eyes. I would stare at random things in the gym, maybe turn on the TV, but it could lead. One of the most important additions to the treadmill is the virtual scenic routes you can choose from. It has a beautiful location where you feel like you are running in the mountains or on a beach captured by incredible camera quality.

Continuing on my jogging, I immediately noticed something that most treadmills do not have, and that is the ease of the cuts. It's so easy to jog with its running surface, giving you support every time you set foot on the rubber tracks, which is extremely important as treadmills can cause problems in joints. Since the slats are sliding instead of sliding, the machine does not shake when you jump around, so you don't have to be ashamed or even afraid to fly off.


I finished the class, sweaty and all, and I felt great. Sweating in the comfort of my own home is definitely something I can get used to. Generally, this is a game that is designed to work with instructors on a screen in front of you. It's like having a class in your living room without dragging yourself out of the house. Plus, if you are not physically working with your treadmill, you can use your Peloton enrollment to gain access to many other classes to do anywhere.

With the Peloton tread, you can virtually escape the problems of life to the true core of your exercise. It's comfortable, easy, and the technology behind it surpasses any workout machine on the market. Although the price may make you think that you & # 39; re buying a real spaceship, it will save you money in the long run on classes, membership fees, and time you would otherwise spend on going to and from the gym. And hey, if we're not busy with our health, what do we live for?

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