What else is there? The dating app that hides your partner's face

Tired of superficial whip culture? There is an app for that.

Unlike Hinge, Bumble and Tinder, the brand new online dating service S & # 39; More (which stands for "something more") has been prioritized as & # 39; conversation over selfies. Here's how it works: users receive recommended profiles every day, specifically selected for them by an algorithm that influences factors in values, passions, preferences and behaviors (ghosters beware!). There is a catch: all the photos of your potential matches are blurred. The more you engage with someone and talk to each other, the more pictures are blurred until, voilà. There he / she / them!

Falling for someone whose face you've never seen sounds like a catfish, even a catfish, but Adam Cohen-Aslatei, founder of the S & # 39; More, says the idea is born of & # 39; frustration that people feel with the current & # 39; hot or not & # 39; trend on apps. . & # 39; Going out is not a beauty contest, & # 39; he says. & # 39; Although physical attraction is very important, it is only a part of the love equation. S'More delivers on the full package. & # 39;

The idea is to encourage users to get to know a game first before seeing what they look like. Everyone needs to verify their account with a selfie and you can link your profile to other social media accounts, photo galleries and Apple Music playlists. Users are also limited to the number of chats they have at a time, which Cohen-Aslatei says encourages deeper conversations.

& # 39; A similar app called "Taffy" debuted in 2017 and was considered the "perfect (appointment app) for unattractive people" by The New York Post. & # 39; Another one called Appetence is itself the world's first & # 39; slow dating & # 39; app. It also forces users to speak before seeing each other.

Cohen-Aslatei, & # 39; a former director for Bumble's gay dating app Chappy, says S'More has a degree of kindness in encouraging positive behavior on the app. Users can also have interactive icons and multimedia options with profiles to reflect the user's personality. Like Uber, all profiles have a public rating, based in part on user behavior. The public waiting list for S'More is now open on smoredate.com.

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