Wolfgang & Hite debuts Hudson Yards skyscraper sex toys

Hey … just a head up. Design company Wolfgang & Hite has unveiled a cheeky array of amusement products based on buildings in New York's new $ 25 billion Hudson Yards complex, including ribbed butt plugs and clitoral stimulator dildos, all bubblegum pink Have color.

The collection is meant as "criticizing both the design of skyscrapers and the diffusion of dazzling high-end developments throughout the city" throttled, The design of Hudson Yards has been backlash since its launch in 2008. The famous architectural critic Ada Louise Huxtable complained in the Wall Street Journal that his skyscrapers looked "in profile, alarming as sex toys". And The New York Times has a feature titled "Hudson Yards is Manhattan's largest, newest, and smoothest gated community." Is this the neighborhood that New York earns? " released.

In a humorous interview Wolfgang & Hite told dezeen Magazine: "The city and the developers have been fooling each other for decades, so of course we wanted to get involved. Masturbation is a great metaphor for the latest wave of development in New York City. "

The prototype series of toys titled "XXX-HY" (not yet commercially available) features the butt-plug version of Thomas Heatherwick's "Vessel," the city's hottest backdrop for Instagram influencers. ELLE.com has added it to our list of "30 Places To Instagram in 2019".

Wolfgang & Hite also created a dildo based on DSR's 15 Hudson Yards skyscraper.

And two "Magnum" dildos mimicking 10 and 30 Hudson Yards and home to the Coach Offices and Warner Media Headquarters.

According to throttledThere will also be a ship-shaped Diva Cup shortly. I like to have something to look forward to.

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